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Tech Tech - Super Soaker Max-D 6000 Internals .:

Images from Bluemage

Here are some pics of my Max-D 6000 after being dissected. After this, I discovered that the water tank, both the pressure chambers, and the pressure gauge were all easily removable and were just stuck in with an O-ring.

To disassemble a Max-D6000, first, undo all the screws and make sure not to lose them. Remember which ones go in which holes because there are 2 different sizes. The little hole between the PCs is not a screw; it's a metal peg. To get it out, you have to cut along the seam at the top of the blaster right in between the PCs with a craft knife and wedge the two halves apart. the peg will stay stuck in one side. Next, take the same craft knife and stick it under the round orange thing that holds the pump in. Wedge it with the craft knife until you can get a table knife or screwdriver under there, and pry it off. Don't bother with vice-grips or anything like that, just pry it off. Now that you've done that, your blaster is open. Mod it, fix it, photograph it, whatever. When you're done, just make sure the tubes and things are snug in the case, put the screws back, push the metal peg back, and bang the orange pump ring back into place. Now your gun is back together.

Super Soaker Max-D 6000 Review


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