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Super Soaker Original / Classic Series .:

iS_supersoaker_ss50_02tbThe world of portable water weaponry changed dramatically in 1990 with the release of the Power Drencher (now known as the Super Soaker 50). Unlike the standard issue firearm of the time, Super Soakers required no batteries, held a lot more water and fired a stream of water as opposed to the pulsing streams of the motorized water weaponry. Larami released a larger, albeit fragile, water blaster more deserving of the stature of 100. The success of these two water blasters put Larami well ahead of the competition and allowed them to invest more R&D funds resulting in more incarnations based on the original 50 in the years following. The true Classic Series made by Larami Ltd. are based on the original designs but have some minor design changes to make the blasters a little more effective. The Classic series pays tribute to the water weaponry that began the water war evolution.

After the succes of the Super Soaker SS30, SS50 and SS100, a whole variety of variants appeared in the following years. In 1992, the Super Soaker SS20, SS25 and SS200 were introduced.

iS_supersoaker_ss300_01tbIn 1993, the Super Soaker line got a makeover with the release of the Super Soaker SS10, SS40, SS: MDS, and SS300 (the largest air-pressure-based Super Soaker ever released). In time, the original series ended up making way for the improved Xtra Power Series, but it is the Original Series that put Super Soaker and Larami Inc. into the history books.

General Notes: Payload versus their water delivery is excellent. However, it takes a long time to deliver adequate volumes of water to truly soak a person due to smaller aperture size. Being based on the original designs, these weapons tend to be more fragile and break easily if not handled with care. For sake of simplicity, both Original Models and Classic Series remakes are listed under this heading.


SS30 | SS50 | SS100


SS20 | SS25 | SS30: Classic Series | SS50: Classic Series | SS100: Classic Series | SS200


SS10 | SS40 | SS MDS:Classic Series | SS300




SS100: New and Improved


SS50:10th Yr

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