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Super Soaker Super Charger (SC) Series .:

iS_supersoaker_sc500_01tbIn 1999, the Super Charger ability was introduced, allowing SC-capable blasters to refill quickly from a hose through a Fast-Fill / Q.F.D (Quick-Fill Device) adapter. There were four blaster using the quick-fill technology released: SC400, SC500, SC600, and SC: Power Pak. The SC500, SC600 and SC:Power Pak, however, had their firing chambers based on the CPS-pressure system. As the SC-line was discontinued and the SC-ability merged with other lines, these CPS-based soakers are now listed here.

In 2000, the SC line was further expanded by the release of the SC: Triple Charge and SC:Big Trouble. From a technology standpoint, the Monster Series could also be classified under the Super Charger series, but are being kept separate due to particular styling and naming differences.

iS_supersoaker_tripleplay_01tbIn 2001, a single-piece SC-type Super Soaker was released, the CPS Splashzooka 65oz. The XP Triple Play was also released, basically a smaller version of the SC: Triple Charge, but oddly given "XP" as opposed to "SC" in its name. The reason for this is unclear.

In 2002, another two CPS blasters were added to the CPS line. The CPS2100 was introduced: a light, strapless, hard-hitting soaker. The CPS4100 also debutted being based on the Monster (2001) base frame but lacking SC-capable

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