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.: Statistics measured at



Manufacturer: Buzz Bee Toys Inc.

Class:  Elastic - Diaphragm  Motor  Hybrid

  Item Number: 01640
  Copyright Date / Release Date: 2005 / 2006
  Availability: No Longer Made


Basic Statistics ::

  Weight: 1639.00 g (57.92 oz.)
  Reservoir Volume: 1380.00 mL (46 fl.oz.)
  Pressure Chamber Volume: 310.00 mL (10.33 fl.oz.)
  Pump Volume: 30 mL (1 fl.oz.) Ratings .:

Power: 20

Range: N/A

Encumbrance: 65

Ergonomics: 65

Capacity: 65

Overall: 80

Blaster Dimensions :: 49.0 cm (19.29 ") x 14.0 cm (5.51 ") x 27.0 cm (10.63 ")

Length x Width x Height

Version Colours .:



Pressure Chamber



1 ::

Orange / Yellow

Nozzle Information: 1 Nozzle Selector (3 settings) .:


Range (level)

Range (45°)


iSoaker Output Rating

iSoaker Power Rating

Shot Time

Small ::



30.0 mL/s (1 oz./s)




Medium ::



100.0 mL/s (3.33 oz./s)




Large ::



185.0 mL/s (6.17 oz./s)





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The Water Warriors Scorpion is the first battery powered water blaster that combines motorized pumping together with a CPS-type chamber. The blaster also comes with a rechargable Ni-Cd battery pack, meaning one does not need to go out and buy batteries to use this soaker. The Scorpion gives a glimpse at potential next generation water blasters that offer good power without the need for pumping by the user, meaning more energy spent soaking, not pumping.

The Blaster ::

iS Water Warriors scorpion_11_100Nozzle / Firing Chamber ::

The Scorpion features three noticably different nozzle settings all powered by a good-strength Hydro Power chamber (similar to other CPS-tech). With a full PC, all nozzle settings produce beautiful streams. The largest setting unleashes a large stream on par with soakers like the Super Soaker CPS 1000 while the middle setting offers better water conservation. The lowest nozzle setting produces a smooth 1x stream that, thanks to the motorized pump, that can actually be continuously fired until the entire reservoir is emptied.

Pump ::

The main feature of the Scorpion is its motorized pump. The pump is powered by a Ni-Cd rechargable battery pack that comes with the soaker. An adapter for charging the battery pack is also included. Charging takes between 6 to 8 hours for a full charge as recommended on the box. Its actual lifetime on the field remains to be seen. However, the single charge has so far allowed to numerous full-reservoir uses without showing any signs of slowing.

iS Water Warriors scorpion_15_100The pump can be switch on or off using the switch on the side of the soaker. When pumping, both LEDs beside the switch are on. These LEDs turn off once the blaster senses that the PC is full. The blaster, however, will continue to pump even if there is no water remaining in the reservoir. This is useful, though, for clean-up as it allows the blaster to be easily flushed with air, expelling remaining water from the system. One slight complaint regarding the pump is the amount of noise it generates when pumping. The Scorpion is far from a quiet blaster; its pump is noticably louder than any previous motorized water blaster pump. Then again, the Scorpion's pump is undoubtedly much stronger than any of its predacessors. Granted, for covert missions, the pump can be switched off when the PC is pressurized and kept off until the PC has been depleted. This may allow one to fire a few streams without fear of the pump engaging and giving away one's position.

iS Water Warriors scorpion_17_100The pump volume is not known exactly, but is likely on the order of 15 to 30 mL of water per stroke. The rate of pumping allows indefinite use of the soaker on its lowest nozzle setting. However, on the Scorpion's mid-sized and large settings, the pump cannot keep up with the rate of fire, thus resulting in poor stream behaviour if relying purely on the pump and not pressure from the PC chamber.

iS Water Warriors scorpion_12_100Triggers / Grip ::

The trigger and grip area on the Scorpion is functional, though minimal. The trigger, itself, is larger than those found on other soakers of similar size though it does function well and has a smooth pull to it. The grip area may pose a problem for those with larger hands.

iS Water Warriors scorpion_13_100The Reservoir ::

The reservoir on the Scorpion, as on many other Water Warriors blasters, is situated at the top of the blaster. This arrangement makes the blaster feel slightly top-heavy when full loaded. Intake for the pump is near the rear of the reservoir, thus when water levels are lower, it is best to lean the blaster towards to back to make use of as much water from the reservoir as possible. The reservoir is closed with a tethered cap.

Overall ::

As a whole, the Water Warriors Scorpion is a great mid-sized soaker, on par with blasters like the Water Warriors Blazer. Its main feature and greatest advantage is its motorized pump for filling the PC. As the Scorpion comes supplied with a rechargable Ni-Cd battery pack and charger, there is no need to run to continually buy batteries simply to use this soaker. As well, the Ni-Cd battery pack appears to give the Scorpion good field life, able to pump multiple reservoir volumes worth of water on a single charge. The Scorpion streams' true power is derived from its Hydro Power PC. Unlike motorized water blasters of older generations, the pump on the Scorpion pressurizes a separate PC, allowing for much stronger streams to be produced without needing to have a larger pump. The pump is strong enough to support the smallest stream continuously for defensive maneuvers, but the ability for the Scorpion to push out larger streams makes this a much more useful blaster. Able to hold its own against even larger soakers, the Scorpion is a great, pump-free blaster for use in even mid to large battles.


Simple design, clean lines, and good solid feel to the soaker. Motorized pump means no user energy needed to charge the PC. Comes with rechargable battery pack and charger. Streams produced have great, solid feel to them. Three nozzle settings allow for plenty of flexibility on the field depending on the situation.


Motorized pump is loud. No strap. Without battery charge, there is no other way to pressurized the PC. Reservoir on the slightly smaller side for a blaster of this size. Blaster notably heavier than others of similar size. Motorized parts have more potential to breakdown over time.

:: Submitted Reviews

By: mr.dude | Posted: 20070402 | Edited by

How long till full pressure: 26 secs.
On lowest nozzle: 39mL/sec
On medium nozzle: 130mL/sec
On highest nozzle: 200mL/sec
Shot times:
On lowest nozzle: 19 secs. till drop-off
On medium nozzle: 5 secs. till drop-off
On highest nozzle: 2 secs. till drop-off
On lowest nozzle: 8m level, 9m angled
On medium nozzle: 8m level, 10m angled
On highest nozzle: 5m level, 8m angled
PC Volume: 411mL
Reservoir Volume: 1452mL

The scorpion is a very unique gun. It’s a wonderful mix of power, size, capacity, simplicity (obviously not the internals though), and deceit. It’s a very powerful gun, possibly an even match for a CPS 1000, though it’s smaller than a CPS 1000.

When I see guns like the Blazer, Lightning, Hydra Pak, and Piranha, I wonder if BBT even consider reservoir capacity. They have huge PC’s that can’t be supported long enough by the reservoir, but they got it just right on the scorpion. Big enough PC’s, big enough reservoir, all in a small package.
And it doesn’t end there. This gun needs no pumping, you just flick a switch, and it pumps for you, until the PC is full. So simple!!
My favourite thing about this gun is deceit. Anyone that has never heard of it before will think it sucks, that is, until they witness the 6x hit them in the face.

But why do people think it sucks in the first place? The answer is simple, it’s loud…. really loud. By the time it’s done pumping, which takes a fairly long time for such a small PC, everyone will know exactly where you are.
Also, the batteries need recharging every once in a while (Note: If you plan on using this gun in one of your wars, don’t charge the batteries on the same day of the war, they’ll take 6-8 hours to charge, charge them the day before your war).
As well, it lacks a strap.

All in all, a wonderful gun for its size. It could use some improvements, such as a silencer and a strap. The trigger is quite comfortable to use, it has a good amount of shots before running out (you could get 3-4 shots), it also has good shot times, and great power.

Pros: Good nozzle selection, nice range, nice shot times (except on 6x), good amount of shots per tank, nice size, batteries last for a while before needing to recharge, NO PUMPING!!

Cons: Loud, loud, loud, and loud. No strap, batteries need recharging, recharging takes a while, pumping takes a while, low shot time on 6x, streams more on the slow side.

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