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Super Soaker Constant Pressure System (CPS) Series .:

iS_supersoaker_cps2000_01tbThis is my personal favourite water blaster series. In 1996, the first generation CPS-class weapon was released, dubbed innocently as the CPS 2000. This marked the start of the 3rd Age of Water Weaponry. A minor oversight by Larami Ltd. was their initial negligence in putting an age limit on these water blasters. The thick, potent stream unleashed by the CPS 2000 could make another's vision blurry if he/she took a direct hit in the face, even with eyes closed. Undoubted countless complaints went to Larami by angry parents who blamed Larami of making a children's toy that could result in serious injury. (Personally speaking, if those parents were doing a better job, the CPS 2000 would never have gotten into irresponsible hands in the first place, but I digress...) However, with CPS technology now unleashed on the market, Larami could no longer look back without fear of losing patronage.

iS_supersoaker_cps1500_01tbIn 1998, Larami released the rest of the CPS line, namely the CPS 1000, CPS 1500, CPS 2500 and the CPS 3000. Even now there is no other water weaponry available which can match the sheer output volume and tank capacity of the CPS-class water blaster.

In 1999, the Super Charger ability was introduced, allowing SC-capable blasters to refill quickly from a hose through a Q.F.D (Quick-Fill Device) adapter. The SC500, SC600 and SC:Power Pak, however, had their firing chambers based on the CPS-pressure system. As the SC-line was discontinued and the SC-ability merged with other lines, these CPS-based soakers are now listed here.

iS_supersoaker_cps3200_01tbIn 2000, the CPS line was further expanded with new members such as the CPS 1200, CPS 1700, CPS 2700 and the CPS 3200 as well as the SC:Big Trouble.

In 2001, two more CPS blasters were added to the line, namely the CPS 1-3-5 and the CPS Splashzooka 65oz.

In 2002, another two CPS blasters were added to the CPS line. The CPS2100 was introduced: a light, strapless, hard-hitting soaker. The CPS4100 also debutted being based on the Monster (2001) base frame but lacking SC-capability and sporting different colours.

Released in 2005, the SoakerTag Elite series includes both air and CPS-based soakers. This line is being aimed at the more ambitious soaker warrior and is a step towards possibly seeing more powerful soakers in the future.

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Super Soaker CPS 1000

Larami Ltd. (1998,  Elastic - Bladder )

Super Soaker CPS 2000

Larami Ltd. (1996,  Elastic - Bladder )
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