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By: Soaker_Commander

Why do I soak?

I got into soaking on some summer day a few years ago. My Dad and I decided to get each other wet so we bought a pair of water guns (I don’t remember the name) and went home. When we got home, we filled up and started shooting. The battle raged for over an hour. We fought all over our yard, and at the end we were both totally soaked.
It was one of the best experiences in my life, just me, my gun, and my Dad. I soak for the thrill of it. The thrill that comes from peeking around a corner to see an enemy with a huge gun heading towards you, grabbing a water balloon from your pack, and hitting them with it before they get to you. I soak for the pure joy that comes from ambushing your enemy with the help of your friends. I soak for the social aspect of it, spending time with my friends, watching my best friend burning his tongue on a cookie and shooting himself in the mouth with his sidearm. That was so funny that we all started laughing so hard that we had to stop the fight just so we could stop laughing. That is why I soak, for the fun, and the friends.

Posted: 20050729

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