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By: BlueMage

why do i soak?

i soak for the thrill.
the thrill that comes only from getting shot full blast with the hose.
the thrill that you get when it's just you and one other guy, and you take him out,
knowing that when it's all over, it was just fun, and you'll all dry out eventually.
the thrill you get from bombarding your friend with water balloons from the deck while he helplessly shoots at you through the cracks between the boards.
the thrill from unloading your 1500 on your mom's back when she's not looking.
the thrill that you get when you finally repair that old leaky blaster, knowing that it will live to soak another day.
the thrill of getting chilled by ice-cold water, and how good it feels on a hot summer day.
the thrill of turning boring old ordinary tap water into fun.
that is why i soak. for the thrill, of just you, your friends, your blasters, and a whole lot of water.

Posted: 20050729

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