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Information Water Warfare Why Do I Soak? - Wild Boys .:

By: Wild Boys

Why do I soak?

It's one of the greatest things to do in the hot sun!
Fighting with your powerful guns with big streams.
Makes your opponents run.
Which shatters their revengeful dreams.

Having fun and meeting new friends.
Fighting to rule the neighbourhood.
The fun never ends.
To feel that the message has been understood.

A whole range of different guns.
Ranging from looks to power.
I love it tonnes.
Shooting at the nearest flower.

Everything about soaking delights.
Having intense frantic fights.
Through the hot Summer nights.
In the glistening bright neon lights.

Even soaking in the day.
Makes everybody want to stay.
Watching the newbies and veterans come out to play.
With everyone getting caught in the spray.

I soak for the fun.
I soak for the thrill.
In the red hot Sun.
With a view to a kill

So get a Super Soaker today.
You know I am not joking.
For love is life.
For love is soaking.

Posted: 20050729

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