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About This Collage .:

This collage shows all 365 square thumbnail images from every day in the 365 Days of Soaking Visual Project. I was originally considering making this collage an image map to link to all the days, but ended up deciding against it as that would merely duplicate the links in the calendar-style main page from this project.

In retrospect, this was one of the most demanding and time-consuming projects I've attempted for the site. It's one thing to do a website overhaul, but those I work on those as time permits. This project, on the other hand, required daily updates. While I never needed to do anything extra, since many days I would only browse water blaster and water warfare related websites as opposed to using my water blasters, it was a little more challenging to try to keep the content more interesting. Of course, being a visual project, trying to also take interesting pictures at times added to the difficulty.

In the end, I like how the collage turned out and the general flow of the updates overall. I do wish I had had more actual water fight images to include, but alas, such was not to be. I also learned that I don't think I'd have the patience/energy to attempt to do another sort of projet that requires daily updates (even though I did permit myself not to have to post updates everyday). Hopefully, you also had fun getting a little insight into how water blasters are a part of every day for Even though site updates are rarely daily, many other things continue on behind the scenes, setting the stage for the next phase of development. Now that these 365 Days of Soaking have passed, I remain optimistic about the future. Let's see where things go from here.

Soak on! Leave NO one dry! -

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