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Stories The Battle of Lake Ridge

By: Commander Geoff

Well, me and my friends had just recently formed our team called "The Tsunamis." There was Zentoran, Ferret, Billybob, Maximus, and me. I was made commander of the team.

Shortly after, some other kids made a new team called "The Tidal Waves" and it was a rip-off of my team. We immediately declared war on them and challenged them to a battle. The boundaries were all over my yard. It was the usual "one-shot-kills" game. I used my CPS 1000.

Now for a small description of the area: In the backyard, there were 3 trees. 2 were small and 1 was a gigantic willow tree. Behind that, there was a pond. In the front yard, there was a lot of asphalt and a row of small bushes with some grass behind it.

They arrived pretty quickly after we challenged them. We set up our base which was a tent in my backyard. They set up theirs but we didn't know where it was yet. Finally, the stopwatch landed on zero and both teams yelled, "Start!!!" Billybob and Maximus stayed back at the base and guarded it while me, Zentoran, and Ferret were the squadron. I'm really aggressive on the field and my style of play is to attack as quickly as possible.

Then, suddenly, as we were looking for the enemy base, one of the enemies appeared running around. She was obviously a scout exploring for her team. She spotted us too late. Before she could escape, we shot her and she was out.

I then led my squadron through the right side of the yard and the house. I had Ferret go scout the area before we moved on. She was the fastest person there. About a minute later she came back and told us that the enemy's base was behind the line of bushes. This would be tough.

We moved on and I had my whole squadron squat down and crawl towards the base. There was one guard there. He was a coward and I knew that because he lived right across the street from me. All three of us charged at him and pointed our blasters at him. Without hesitation, he surrendered and we took over their base. We took his blaster (he had a Monster) and walkie-talkie.

Remember, he was only a prisoner. He wasn't out of the game yet. I had Zentoran and Ferret take all their water balloons and supplies and bring them back to our base. While they were doing that, I shot that other kid (the one who we captured) right in the back of the head. He was out of the game.

Zentoran and Ferret stole their supplies and carried them back to our base. I went with them. However, on the way, we encountered a suprise. The enemy's squadron was exploring and we encountered them. There were 4 people in their squadron, and only 3 people in ours. Ferret and Zentoran dropped the supplies on the grass and pulled out their blasters and started shooting at them. I ran over and shot one of them with my CPS 1000. Ferret had shot 2 people. The last guy left shot Zentoran, so Zentoran was out. Immediately, the last guy on their team made a run for it. Me and Ferret chased after him and called Billybob and Maximus on our walkie talkies. We told them that there was one guy left on the other team and we needed help getting him. Billybob and Maximus went around one side of the house while me and Ferret went around the other side.

Both of the allied squadrons surrounded the last guy on the other team. He now had a Monster XL with him. We shot at him a little but his blaster outranged us, so we couldn't go any nearer without one of us getting shot. I had all four people on my team pull out one water balloon each and throw it at the same time at that last guy.

They agreed. We all pulled out our water balloons and, on my signal, we threw them at the last guy.

Direct hit.

One water balloon hit him and popped right in his head, one hit his foot, and the other two missed. It probably hurt him, but we had just won the war! We shouted to everyone who was out that the battle was over, and the Tsunamis had won.

Finally, after an incredibly difficult battle, the Tidal Waves resigned and were no more. Now, the Tsunamis dominated the neighborhood. We were the superpower.

Posted: 20000602

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