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Stories Lakeside Mayhem

By: Lot P.

This happened by this one lake a couple years back. I was with my team, led by this dude with one of the stronger CPS's. It was at this one camp and there were about fifteen of us on our team. So anyway, out across the lake, we spotted an enemy team led by this guy named Jason Jones. Ten of us decided to kayak our way across the lake.

We landed upon the opposite shore. We discovered their stockpiles in the restroom, (no, it wasn't a "bath"room... no bath ) and shot out some of the guards who were hard to take out due to heavy armament. Even though we lost a good four officers, we equipped ourselves with the opposition's arms, so we were six happy dudes until this stupid patrol group (who were part of another team who was helping Jones' team) came by and raised via radio everybody else. We couldn't steal any supplies, so we go to Plan B.

So here we are, six guys running down this hill with about thirty people chasing us. We each jump in six out of ten of the enemy's kayaks and run off with them. About fifteen people chase us. Just as soon as I think we can't row anymore, we land ashore on our side. There, we are informed by HQ that the rest of the EN (Enemy) Forces detoured around the lake.

We decide to have all of us go back into the kayaks. We then executed Plan B, as in Barricade. As soon as we were about ten meters away, we started opening fire. We totally wiped them out. However, by the time we landed on shore, the land group was closing in. Not spotted yet, we faced off some resistance near the stockpiles. We raided it and then lobbed chuck (water balloon) after chuck, until all of the EN forces were destroyed. Then, we all got killed by the rest of them.

Posted: 20000629

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