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Stories Battle at the Cowfield

By: Michael V.

It was a scorching July day of 95 degrees. Me and my two friends were going to have a water fight against some kids from the other side of the neighborhood. Me and my friends were very experienced and we wanted a challenge. It was a 3 on 5. This would be the best battle of the summer.

The two teams ran to try and find a base. I had the perfect place in mind. Our base was in a barn with a hose for fast refills. Me and my friend had decided that the third person should go and scout out the terrain.

After we set up a good fort. We radioed my other friend. He had stumbled and got caught with the famous Pert Plus trap. He was out. Me and my friend set out with our big cannons. After a few steps, we found foot prints. We followed them and found our friend that was out. He found out that we were in the middle of a water landmine field. We walked slowly pointing sticks at the ground, but it was taking too long. We ran for it. Luckily, we escaped unsoaked.

There was there base. They left it unattended. We quickly raided it and abandoned our own fort. We hid in the tree in the middle of the cow field. They had used up there water supply and were running on backup XP 220s. This was too easy. We jumped out of the tree and surprised them from the back. I blasted my CPS 2700 while my other friend used a Monster and soaked them in under 5 seconds. Then we realized one of their members was missing.

We back-tracked and stationed behind a bush were my friend had gotten out. We spotted the last kid who looked as if he had refilled at our base. He had a Monster XL but, from his looks, he didn't care who won. My friend had a monster and the kid with the Monster XL didn't even put up an fight and surrenderred.

This battle turned our two teams into rivals.

Posted: 20010414

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