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Stories Ambush Alley

By: Bravo I

I am Alpha One. Commander of the Top Secret Water Gun Organiztion called Detachment 101. Each year we battle teens from other campsites (they are always there). We have been doing this for about 3 years and have a lot of experiance. There are 9 of us in the platoon. Each have different special skills such as Close Quarters Combat (CQB) or Demolition. We are all from one Platoon divided into three squads. Alpha Team, Bravo Team, and Charlie Team. Alpha Team is in charge of close quarters combat, Bravo Team is in charge of demolitions and outdoor battling, and Charlie Team is in charge of Artillery and Communiation. This is a pretty long story, but I'm sure it's worth it. We all have codenames to hide our identity in public waterwars.

Alpha Team-
Alpha 1 - CQB
Alpha 2 - Heavy Weapons
Alpha 3 - Sniper

Bravo Team- Bravo 1 - CQB
Bravo 2 - Heavy Weapons
Bravo 3 - Sniper

Charlie Team- Charlie 1 - Communications
Charlie 2 - Reloader
Charlie 3 - Mortar Fire Director

One afternoon at Yosemite National Park, my squad and I were on a patrol shift. We were on our second round when we saw a couple of teenagers running around in the bushes trying to surround us. I was getting suspicious. They got closer into grenade range.

"Arm!" I said.

All weapons went to the shoulders. Then, they mysteriously started to back away. I relaxed, then all of a sudden POP! A water balloon had struck me in the shoulder.

"Fall Back!" I yelled.

Everyone dove into the trench near refill station 2. I scanned the area for targets. There they were out of range running to the back of refill station 2. Everyone lay prone. I took out my binoculars and flicked on my radio.

"Charlie Team, we have hostile activity near refill station 2," I advised.

"Rodger Bravo 1," Charlie responded.

I scanned at refill station 2 hoping for signs of activity. Suddenly BOOM! A balloon narrowly missing my head whizzed by. I got down, waited a minute and peaked out again. There, I saw 6 kids filling up more water balloons by the sink. I grabbed my radio.

"Charlie, we have 6 hostiles filling up on the left side of refill station 2, requesting immediate fire support!" I said.

"Rodger, Bravo 1, Loading up." Charlie said.

"We are down by the trench" I said.

I scanned for the enemy. They were filling up their last 3 balloons and heading back AROUND the station.

"Rounds ready," said Charlie.

"Fire!" I yelled.

I looked back at the base and watched the round being delivered to the target. POW, right on target! I heard screaming and yelling that could be heard for miles.

"Let's go!" I said.

Everyone got up from their postions.

"2 with me, 3 go around the right corner," I ordered.

I counted:

"1...2...3!" I whispered.

Expecting to see the targets, I saw nothing. Strangely, I saw nothing but where our round had hit. There was no sign of the targets! I looked about and around.

"They must have ran the second they got hit!" said Bravo 2.

I was really mad. Luckily this isn't the end of the story. We just had to get even...

The next day we cleaned our weapons, filled them, packed them up and shipped them to the ambush point. There, we tested our flashlights (this is going to be a night battle) and filled our balloons. Pretty soon night fell, Charlie Team loaded the mortar, I took out my weapon, and ordered the rest of the platoon to do so. We took out our radios, hooked them on, and positioned our snipers. We were ready.

"Maintain radio silence," I said.

We waited for about 15 mintues. When Bravo 2 reported enemy movement near refill station 1. I peaked out and see that they were coming down the road to the soak zone. I saw three figures in the darkness sneeking around. They got closer and closer. I reached for my flare gun (toy gun with glowstick) and shot it into the air. The glowstick lit up the night sky. That was the signal. We came rushing out with our weapons ready. I looked closely in the dark and saw Jason and James running into the bathroom. I looked around for John and saw him chasing down something. I looked closer and saw that it was ALPHA TEAM!

"Come on we gotta help!" I said to Bravo 2

He nodded and followed. I ran ahead of Alpha Team so I could hide in the ditch. I ran as fast as I could to the ditch and rolled in with Bravo 2. I peeked out saw that Alpha 2 was getting nailed by water balloons. He ran faster and escaped from getting completely soaked. Alpha 1 and 2 rolled in with us. John wasn't very far behind. He was about to jump into the ditch when Alpha and Bravo 2 popped up with their monsters and soaked him brutally! They soaked him for about 2 minutes and I told them to stop. They were at half tank. John ran to the fire to get warm. Alpha Team and I were heading to refill station 2 when a message on the radio crackled to life.

"All teams, this is Alpha 3, we see two targets filling up some grenades, requesting permission to take a shot." said Alpha 3

"Rodger, Alpha 3, take out the grenade supply and take out JAMES, repeat JAMES" I said.

Meanwhile up at the snipers...

"Bravo 1 says we take out James and their supply," sais Alpha 3.

"Dibs on the guy," said Bravo 3

"But...Wait...Aw fine then I'll take the grenade supply." said Alpha 3

They both pumped their guns 15 times. Alpha 3 shot first POW! The burst flew through the air and into the tub full of grenades piercing almost half the supply! Bravo was waiting for a cleaner shot but pumped his gun one more time and POW! Right into the chest the water burst went soaking James entire shirt!

"What was that!? yelled Jason

"Oo, cold cold cold," shivered James

"Yikes thats gonna leave a mark," Bravo laughed and went back down for cover.

Meanwhile back with Bravo 1...

"Keep low and quiet," I said.

Alpha 1 brought up the rear and Alpha and Bravo 2 went around the other side as we approached refill station 2. I turned the corner and saw a person run around the corner!

"Oo, cold, very cold," I heard

"Movement down the road!" Alpha 1 reported.

I ran around the corner to find James and Jason running down the road to refill station 1 to get more ammo. "Uh, uh," I thought. I went to grab my radio.

"Charlie Team, is that mortar ready!?" I said

"Affirmative," said Charlie 3

"We got two targets running down the road. Let them have it," I said

"Rodger, Bravo 1, 10 seconds to round arrival," said Charlie 3.

I put down my radio and dropped my gun. Jason and James were about to hit the path to the refill station when the rounds drenched them!!

"AH, way too cold!!!" said James.

I stared out to Jason who was just standing there like he was frozen.

We all ran and cheered.

Well, that's the end of our story and I hoped you enjoyed it. You can write back if you want to ask ANY info like tactics and weaponry info etc. I'm taking the platoon down to June Lake and were going to battle with new tactics, new weaponry, and new opponents.

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