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Stories The Unexpected Battle of the Downs!

By: Al, Rick, and Dan

Hi, my name is Al and I would like to tell you about a battle that me and two of my buddies had last week completely out of the blue!

It was a coolish day at our high school. The season hadn't really started yet and our blasters have been suckin' dust since September. We were shooting hoops out back when we heard shouting from the other side of the school. We ran around to see what was going down.

A car had been driving by spraying some of the younger kids! We could only admire the great way to waste a week day! But it was no laughing matter when they made a second pass and blasted US big guys with what looked like an old XXP275.

Thankfully, my bud, Ricky, had just yesterday bought a Monster XL and XP240 partially in anticipation of summer and partly because of that little voice in your head that says you gotta have a new blaster and it won't quit 'til you get one!

We loaded both blasters. The Monster XL seemed to take forever to fill! We went outside and waited for the return, but nothing happened.

After what seemed like ages, one of our kids came up and said he'd seen the guys parked up on The Downs: a grassy hillside outside of our town. They were parked next to the old drinking fountain, having a BBQ, he said. It all clicked into place. They were loading at the fountain, then coming into town blasting people, and then heading back out. We decided to ruin lunch for them!

We got the blasters into Ricky's car. We opted for drive by shooting as well! I poked the Monster XL out of the window. It's so darn big there was only just enough room for me in the back as well! Dan took the small 240 in the front.

When we got there, we realized we had to turn the car around because we could only fire out of the right hand side. They didn't even bother to watch us pull up close! One of them saw me just before I opened fire. He looked amazed to see this beast facing him! I watched as steam bellowed off the BBQ lid, and the guys got soaked. They ran to their car, but we split.

We were not prepared for a pitched battle, having only one large, impractical weapon and one small reserve blaster between us. We decided to drive home to my place, then to Danny's place to tool up!

I grabbed my trusted CPS 1500 and my new XP 310 which I was told made a great back-up gun. I loaded them as fast as possible. We went round to Danny's, and as I struggled to hold three blasters in place in the back of the car, Danny fetched and loaded, his awesome old CPS 2000!

When we got back, they were no where to be seen, but their car hadn't moved and the BBQ still smoked. We agreed that Ricky should set the Monster up on the bipod and wait, ready to provide cover fire from when we came out of the trees. Me and Danny split, eager to take some names!

From nowhere, I was hit in the face by a comparable force, and sure enough when I looked up, halfway up a tree was a foe sporting what looked like a CPS 1000. Angered, I switched to 10x setting, and drenched him: He'd forgotten he had nowhere to go! He also was having trouble getting down, so I moved on and left him.

Then I saw it. Danny was wasting three guys with that mighty CPS 2000 of his with its 30x nozzle! He had made two of them grab their stomachs: that beast hurts! The third was closing in. He had the XXP275 and was about to soak Danny, who had run low on water. I emerged from the trees and real battle commenced! I unloaded my CPS 1500 on to this poor guy with his inferior weapon and Danny finished up his 2000 on the other two. But since they had XPs and XXPs they had plenty of water left, and we now just had my 310 between us!

We slung our big guns behind us and ran for it. I turned the nozzle to 2x. I hadn't used the 310 in combat before and it impressed me: it was more than a match for the chasing pack's aging guns. We were beginning to get pretty wet when we got past Ricky and got low. The chasing pack realised to late that Aqua Storm was heading their way!!

Ricky drenched them, and they retreated behind the trees. In a final triumphant gesture, I emptied what was left of my blaster into the BBQ (I removed the meat first though, and put it on their plates for them. Water warriors are honor-bound, don't forget) Ricky blasted at the BBQ, the force was so great the thing toppled over!

Just as we got in the car, they broke out and came after us, but we were heading off, victorious, wet, very happy, and in big trouble for skippin' school!

We ran into the guys a few days back now, and they were cool, saluting our superior weaponry. Turns out they go to our college and they're about two years older than us. Anyway, we're gonna join forces this summer and kick some of their buddies' butts!

A great soakin' summer to all those warriors out there!

Posted: 20010610

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