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By: Luke H.

Last week, I was at my friend's house after school. Out of nowhere, we were drenched by a CPS Splashzooka. We run over to his neighbor's yard, but it seemed like our water assassin was already gone. A few minutes later, we started to fill up my best friend, the CPS2000, an XXP275, a Triple Charge, and a few dozen water balloons. I started to search my neighbor's yard carrying the CPS2000 and 2 water balloons. Then, I see the see-through green of a Splashzooka. I charged over there and bombarded my foe with 2 water balloons and a full blast from my CPS2000. My friend came over and told me he saw about 3 kids coming down the street carrying a good amount of artillery. I figured the Splashzooka boy was only a diversion. That's when it happened. From the top of myneighbor's roof, I was blasted with a Monster XL. He ran and I screamed for my clothes just got dry again. This meant war. Me and my buddy took the Splashzooka, their balloons and charged directly at the kids walking down the street. A kamikaze mission, but we won. We drenched and they ran back home. Mission Accomplished.

Posted: 20010616

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