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Stories Battle of Twin Oaks

By: Coltrain

Hello, my name is Colton, aka-Coltrane, and I'm gonna tell you all about one wild water fight.

It was a quiet Saturday morning and I spent the night at my friend Timmy's, aka-Hacksaw's, house. We had just gotten up and were thinking of something to do. We decided to go up to Hacksaw's Cousin's house and give his cuz a little wake up call with my CPS 3200. We snuck up on his porch and crawled to the other side of the porch until we got to the door. Well, since they were up already and were kinda mad because we tried to do this the night before, we didn't soak them. Instead, we told them that we were gonna go up to tree house out in woods and soak his brother, Ian. They fell for it and went into the woods to look for us.

After they had agreed to come with us, we told them to meet us in the woods. Little did they know about the water mines we had put in there path. Hacksaw with his XXP225 and CPS1000 and me with my CPS2000 and CPS 3200 which we had up in the tree house. We were all set for an all out water massacre of Ian, Jonathan and his friend Adam.

And now for the battle:

Jonathan and Adam came outside looking in the woods frantically for Ian,Hacksaw and I. Now, we knew they were armed because we had told them that we were going to soak John's brother, Ian, but the only blaster they had was a little Storm type 4 which was useless against our blasters. When John and Adam spotted us, they ran right to us looking like they were trying to soak us and they were. Little did they know that they were walking right into the minefield!! Just the mine field itself drenched them completely, but we thought we ought to spray them more anyways and we soaked them. After awhile of spraying and soaking each other, we headed back to the house. When we got there, Ian was standing in front of his garage with the hose pointing at us. Hacksaw and I laughed at him. Then he opened the garage and had about 11 guys armed with Monster CPS's and XP: 150's

Our jaws dropped. And when Ian gave the word the opened fire on us and we fired back but it was pointless cause we couldn't even see who or where the water was coming from. And in the end we lost and had to squeaze about 2 gallons of water out of our clothes.

But that was one of the coolest things I've ever done.

Posted: 20010622

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