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Stories The Battle of Unescapable Wetness

By: Ian W.

One hot day in late May with the temperature looming somewhere around 80F, my sister, Sarah, and I were home alone brooding over something to do. We got our friend, Lee, to come over that evening and while jumping on our trampoline, I snuck inside and grabbed my CPS 1200. I filled it up in the bathtub, came outside and started provoking Sarah and Lee. Lee came in and grabbed my brand-new XP 220 and XP Triple Play and took off outside while Sarah attatched my new two-way fast filler to one of our three hoses and used it as a shower head.

Lee is a good water warrior. He snuck up on me with both guns fully pumped when I was out of water and... can you believe it?... with an XP 220 and Triple Play, he soaked me! After that, I decided to work out a truce with him and it worked. It was now me and him against Sarah and the dog.

I filled a pot with water and, while Lee was annoying her and pretending to try to turn off the hose, I dumped it on her! She was mad. "Do I sense a conspiracy???" were her angry words.

We'd take turns distracting and soaking... sometimes me hitting her on her ill-protected back with my CPS or Lee giving her ears a cleaning while I kept the hose off. The war ended after about an hour when we were all soaked and tired. The "war" had no real resolution. Who cares, though? We all got wet, had a good time, and I hope it happens again!

Posted: 20010626

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