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Stories The Midnight Soakers

By: Nick

Nick = CPS1200
Eric = CPS2700
Eric M = CPS SplashZooka
Ean = XP220 x2
Derek = Monster XL

This is just a listing of some great kills (soaks) I experienced during a seige-style game my friends and I made up on the fly and played at about midnight. We found that playing in the dark was much more fun and no flashlights were needed since the moon, itself, as well as some scattered motion sensor lights in the yard we were in proved to be the perfect amount of light.
Basically the seige-style game went as follows: Two guys armed with the heaviest of our limited selection of blasters were to defend the deck and pool area which had ample cover in the form of furnature, low gates and privacy fences. The opposing team (three guys) was to storm this base and kill the defending team. One shot kills were in effect. Once you got hit, that was it. Eliminated.

The Assassination: Eric was defending the deck area with his CPS2700. In past combat, Eric has been known for his elite sense of his enemies position. However, under the cover of the large shadows cast by the motion sensor light (keep in mind it was at night and I had on dark clothing) I was able to sneak around the edge of the deck and come within about 10 feet of him, placing a well aimed blast of water into his back with my CPS1200. (Note: After eliminating Eric, his team-mate stepped out of the shadows and nearly took my head off with a shot from his Monster XL)

The Stand-Off : Derek and Eric were on opposing teams for a few games. During this game, they both were the heavy-weapons of each team and ended up in a stand off in a practically open field. Both of their weapons fully pumped and ready to rock, it was like watching a classic scene from a movie as they circled each other for about 30 seconds before firing simultaneously, killing each other. Very quality duel.

The Low Shot: Normally, I wouldn't do this, but because it was against my brother, Eric M, and his CPS SplashZooka, I had to. He was filling up his Splashzooka using the quality quick filling device attatched to the end of the hose. I was on the deck with a fully loaded CPS1200 and simply called my shot to the other Eric (who was standing behind me) and he watched as I let a quick, but powerful burst loose, soaking my brother's pants from the waist down. No parts were injured during the execution of this beautiful, but illegal kill.

Never Let Your Guard Down: I was on the team of three guys during this game and heard a skirmish off to my right while camping in the opposing team's base. After the fighting seemed to die down, both team members from the opposing team came around the bushes heading towards their base. I figure the game was over since I thought they had both been hit and came out of my hiding spot (keep in mind that when you got hit in the game you had to return to your base and wait until the game was over). Upon me revealing myself, Derek commented on how he can't believe he got hit during that fight. He also made it a point, once they were close to me, to inform me that Ean (his teammate) had not been hit. Upon hearing these words, I fumbled for my CPS1200 (which I had slung over my back), but Ean had already placed one shot from each of his XP220s into my chest. Game over.

More to come...I'm sure of it...

Posted: 20010702

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