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Stories Operation Alpha Strike

By: Bravo I

I am Bravo 1, back from our second camping trip at June Lake. It was probably the toughest battle we ever fought because the people that we fought last year got bigger and brought some more reinforcements. That wasn't the only bad thing because we had about 250 water balloons that were lost and our MSR was cut off.

When the battle started, we were only left with 40 balloons. Almost half the squad was there when we arrived, but we were missing one HWG and an officer from Charlie Team. They arrived REALLY late and only left us with one day to plan and rehearse the ENTIRE plan.

The Platoon Leader and I planned all nite. Then, when we finally had the battle, our parents wouldn't let us go to "The Rock" because they couldn't keep an eye on us. ANYWAY...

The first part of the battle had some heavy action. The entire Division was positioned at the very back at the campsite. Right when we hit that spot and dropped the buckets full of balloons, we were heavily bombarded with HE water balloons!

"Spread Out!" I said.

Everyone took their positions all in mixed units. They kept throwing the balloons. We dodged them, but on impact, they still splattered on us. John came on the right flank with two HEs.

"Tango on the Right Flank!" I said

Bravo 2 and Alpha 1 swung their weapons to their right. John came in closer and chucked balloons at them. Bravo 2 and Alpha 1 returned fire to the back of his head. Jason was on top of a rock on the forward position. He was the supplier handing his troops the balloons from two large coolers. James came down the Left Flank with a bucket and shoved Alpha 1. He looked at me and splashed me with his bucket and retreated back to his position.

I looked to my left and saw Alpha 2 chasing Jason with a bucket and trying to soak him. He lobbed the bucket onto him and missed. Alpha 2 dropped the bucket and used his CPS1000 to soak him. It's an old weapon but it still works!

Bravo 2 handed me his weapon. He was going to do an assault from the rear with two water balloons. I looked out from the rock. I saw Bravo 2 as he chucked a balloon at Joanna and JR. Then he ran back toward me. I was looking for John. I couldn't find him. Then I saw him pop out from behind a rock with a bucket and splashed Bravo 2!

At that time I was heading behind the rock to Jason's position with the two CPS1200s. I saw Jason on top of the rock with a cooler of balloons. I looked for my approach, pumped up BOTH guns and moved out.

"Jason behind you!" someone said.

He turned around and reached for the cooler for some rounds. I aimed up for the cooler and shot the end of it. The cooler rolled down the rock spilling its load! The balloons rolled on the ground and popped. James came around the corner of the rock and chucked balloons at me. The first one pegged me in the back while the second one splashed to the left of me.

I ran back to the main defensive position.

"Squad! Shoot Him!" I yelled.

Everyone turned and fired upon James and he retreated back to the rock.

"Move out!" I yelled to the squad.

Everyone moved to try and flank them from the left and prevent us from getting surrounded. The three teens: Jason, James and John came in from all flanks with their buckets and grenades!

"FALL BACK!" I yelled.

Jason came to me and chucked an HE at me. I turned away so it wouldn't hit me in the face. I felt the balloon hit me on the right shoulder but it didn't explode. I hit my lip on the carrying handle of my gun and cut it open. Alpha 1 ran up to James and pushed his bucket over, spilling his entire supply.

James again took the front line with too HEs. Charlie 1 and 2, Alpha 1 and 3, and Bravo 3 were still in their fall back positions with me. The two HWG went to go reload in the East Refill Station. We stood there, face to face. He came closer and we all took a step back.

"Hey, let's just keep scaring them back..." Jason trailed off on the rock.

"Shh Be Quiet" said James

"Move in" I ordered.

We all took step forward and then another. Alpha 1 started moving fast too my right. James looked right and chucked a balloon at Alpha 1! He then came to me and tried to chuck it at me then suddenly!

"Look! Lets Go!" John yelled.

I looked over to the rear position and I saw Alyssa trying to steal Alpha 2s CPS1000. We followed trying to back him up! I was about to shoot her in the back but our parents stopped us because some guy got mad for leaving a faucet on full blast. Just too make the last part interesting....

"Fall In!" I yelled

We all aimed at Jane a girl who was on their side that didn't get wet at all.

"Turn around!" I yelled.

She turned around.

"Soak em" I said.

We all opened fire completely drenched her! The de-briefing of the mission was really good. The Division Leader, I and the troops got good jobs from the dads. We took minimal "casualties" only 3 people really got drenched. Bravo 2 and I got hit with a bucket and Charlie 1 was hit in the face with a balloon. But that wasn't the best part. We earned a spot by the fire.

Alpha 1 - CPS 1-3-5
Alpha 2 - CPS 1000
Alpha 3 - XP 270

Bravo 1 - CPS 1200
Bravo 2 - CPS 1200 (2001)
Bravo 3 - Non-Super Soaker Brand (X-Stream)

Charlie 1 - XP 310
Charlie 2 - Storm

Posted: 20010703

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