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By: Soaker Elite

Hi, my name is Soaker Elite and I have an exciting war story.

Our neighbourhood had just arranged a 40 player water fight. Anyone with a watergun that works was invited. There were four teams: Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue. I was on the Green team. Each team had ten players and the waterfight was supposed to last for 3 hours, non-stop, except for an intermission. All the action was on my street. Green started on the far side of the street, Red was in the middle, Blue was on the other side of the middle, and Yellow was on the other far side.

My team had the following weapons armed:

(me): The Monster, Splashzooka in pocket.
Justin: CPS 1200
Paul: CPS 1200
Christopher: XP 310
Vivek: CPS 3200
David: XP 110
Sam: CPS 1000
Andrew: Monster XL

Since because people claimed that we were too good, we only got 8 people. Yellow got 12 people because of blaster weakness. The temperature was hot, perfect for getting soaked. However, I wasn't going to let that happen. As the fight started, everyone was behind me at the far end of the street. I quickly ordered everyone to take one house each to cover for a total of 8 houses covered.

I covered my own house. My blaster was loaded and prepared to go. I got behind the wall beside the garage door. Nobody there. So I walked in a bit more. I sat behind the car so most people couldn't see me. Then I saw it. Action at Andrew's covered area. I could see him getting soaked by a Yellow. His Monster XL was too slow! I had to make my decision. Help Andrew, or stay and cover this area. The object of the game was to own at least 13 areas by the end of the game. How did you do that? If you soak someone too much, they either give up or run, letting you own the area they were previously in. Obviously, this would would be hard for us because 1 or 2 people on our team would have to cover two areas. Sounds hard, doesn't it? It was possible.

I decided to cover the area. I figured one blast out of Andrew's Monster XL and maybe the enemy might run. Nobody was attacking me for the next 5 minutes. I sat there drinking water to fight the hot weather. Then suddenly, I heard footsteps. Loud ones. I heard sounds saying, "cover this area!". So I took out my Splashzooka, and kept my Monster near my house. Good - this thing could provide 30 seconds of non-stop shooting. I would take my Monster out if I had a clear target. Now it was time for some running and gunning. I took a water balloon from my backpack and threw it to the area I thought the enemy was in. Not many screams, but I heard someone say, "Red won't die like this!". So I knew it was a Red. I had a feeling three people where there after me. I went back to grab my Monster and put my Splashzooka in my pocket. I stood up and started shooting. One by one, I saw water on all three people's chests. Then, they crazily shot at me. I ducked to go underneath the car. I could see water on top of me. Mist was hitting my shoulder. I grabbed my Splashzooka and started running and shooting. The Reds all ducked and shot back, not even moving. I had clear targets.. they didn't. I was moving side to side, so they couldn't read my moves- but they were just standing there. What are they doing?, I thought. No wonder they need 10 players. But hey, I got to remember. I'm elite- they're just some terrorist group. 

I kept on pulling the trigger, every shot hitting except one which was a mistake. Three Red members were shivering, drenched, whatever you want to call it. I had just got our team a pretty bad conflict with Red.

I decided to stop covering this area if anyone takes over, I thought I would easily get it back. So I went to help Andrew on the other side of the street. I was barely wet, just some mist on my shoulder. But from how much Andrew was struggling, I knew I would get wet in thie fight. Andrew was having a peeking fight. The enemy kept on peeking and shooting, and same with Andrew. But Andrew looked a lot more drenched than them. I ran with my Monster in my hand fast across the road. I ducked so any water streams won't hit me, but I was too late. I felt my back soak, as I shivered to get behind the wall.

"You okay?," Andrew asked.

"I'm fine. I would be asking you if you're okay," I laughed.

Andrew nodded and shot more. I went out of the wall area and went behind another car. Actually, it was a van so I could stand up and still not be seen. I got to the end of the van where it exposed my body to the opponents and I ducked. But I felt my head shiver as hard mist was shot at me. I started to wonder what kind of guns the enemy had. This had to be the Blue team. No doubt, our main challenge. I got up and shot a couple of rounds with my Monster. It didn't need filling yet, but my Splashzooka did after drenching Red. I was stuck with the Monster, but I wasn't complaining either. This blaster can do a fair deal of damage. I threw a water balloon into the enemies area and I heard splashes and definite screams. I had a clear hit. This was probably our territory now, hopely. Two of them ran, but one stayed. From what I saw, he had a Monster X in his hand. He came charging at me. I was helpless. I was going to be drenched bad. I was kneeling down while he was running and gunning. He came to me, as I tricked him, firing a shot from my Monster.

"Ahhhh!," he screamed.

He quickly ran away with the Monster X in his hand.

"Need help?," Andrew asked.

"Thanks, man," I said in relief. But this wasn't good. They caused alot of damage to me and him.

I was definitely pay back time.

After an hour and a half, we had claimed 13 areas. Now we had a little drink break at my house. Everyone needed the break as they gulped it down. Some Blue kids started staring at us with a disgusting look.

"We got to give it to them, bad," Justin said. "I almost got drenched by them."

Everyone else on the team nodded.

"Okay, here's the deal. We need 5 people covering all 13 areas. It'll be hard, but it's going to be okay. Remember, run and gun. Never just stand there," I explained.

Everyone nodded. We had enough areas to win the game, but we still had half of the game to go.

It turned out we won because we ended up with 12 areas at the end. Everyone else ended up with less.

We decided to make a truce with Blue and start to get to know them better. After all, they almost defeated a member of the Rogue Team, an elite member.

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