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Stories The Story of Water War

By: Richard JD

I had just got my new Monster X and my brother, William, had a CPS 2700. I was so excited to test it that me and Will sent invites all around our school to have a water fight. Loads of people joined in. We were going to split the party into three teams: Reapers, Surfing Soakers, and Water Vapour. The soaking would be at my house with the golf course next door. These were the members on my team:

Richard (Me) - Monster X
William - CPS 2700
William Lane - (not a super soaker, infact he has a rubbish gun; it takes 5 minutes to pump and then you have 10 shots!)
James - XP110
Ryan - CPS 1700

All of us had state-of-the-art blasters except for Lane and his weapon, of course. Our team was the Reapers and our base was at my house with a QFD in my garage and several bottles of water.

Soon, a whistle blew and the fight began. The rules were that the team that was least soaked wins! William was our team leader and he ordered me to stay back with James as a HWO. I stood tiredly on the front doorstep until me and James could see the bushes shake and a voice whispered, "We can take their base and use the refil
station as Water Vapour's!"

Now I knew who was there; it was three of Water Vapour's best men. I could just make out a Monster XL. Soon we opened fire and soaked one of them; he turned out to be coward and he ran for cover back on the Golf course! But the other two returned fire and soaked James from top-to-bottom with their Monster XL. I could NOT let this happen. I must shoot him! Suddenly he turned around to pump up his blaster, and BINGO!, water splashed the back of head and dripped down his shirt leaving him a wet dummy. I needed to pump up and James dropped his soaker in a bush so we ran around the corner. I had 2 shots left till pumping up, but before we rushed round the bend, I shot and missed! Then I shot my last shot and it smacked the other in the belly. The result: He had some serious running to catch up!

I quickly opened the Monster X tank, but it was empty. Luckily I installed the QFD or I would have to run into the house, soaking wet, and refil my blaster in the bath. How would you like that?! Soon James ran up to the bush and
pulled out his blaster, being pricked a few times. Soon, I heard footsteps. "Could it be an enemy?" I got my soaker ready and aimed it at the drive...

Soon both Williams came into site and Ryan apeared soaking wet, an angry look spread across his face and he muttered,"Those darn Surfing Soakers don't know the meaning of fair play!". William told us that we were in offense and they would defend the base. James nodded and set of to the golf course as William Lane followed closely behind, pumping up his blaster with a worn-out hand. Suddenly, attackers jumped out of the trees and opened fire. It
was an ambush! A Soaking Surfer Ambush! We tried and tried to defeat them but we were out-numbered. James shot one guy in the eye... nasty... But he got told off later. I switched to the shower nozzle and began spraying their
leader. I could see him trying to retreat, but he never had a chance! He just surrendered and lay to the floor offering out his CPS1000! I let William pick it up and we soaked the daylights out of them! At one point, I shot some
guy's feet and water dribbled down his socks. Soon the whole team surrendered and the Soaking Surfers had been beaten. But to win the game, they had to be soaked so we showed them to a clearing where we shot them continuously. It was all so much fun! Ha, Ha!

We traveled back to base cheering, but something made us stop and stare. William and Ryan had become P.O.W! The Water Vapour team had stolen their blasters and supplies.

We snuck back up the road and made a plan: it was time for some sniper-mania! William hid up a tree, James creeped behind a bush, and I hid behind the shed with a view through the terrace. We were ready: time for some good, old hand signals! When Water Vapour showed up, we opened fire! They did not know what hit em'! We ended up greatly soaked, but they were even more soaked! I was about to lob my first water balloon when a whistle blew and we went inside to dry off and have drinks. The results would be discussed afterwards. I looked over the room to
see the Water Vapour leader sitting in a cosy chair pulling faces at us. That's when we became rivals...

The results were read out.... WE WON!!! Everyone on my team jumped up and began cheering!

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