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Stories Vermin War 5 - Part II

By: M4

Here's the rest of the stuff, a picture of Fort Salamandastron's observation tower, a map of the whole fort, a map of the battle field, a map of territories, and the team lineups.

Battlefield Map

(red off limits areas, blue lines denote water, grey boxes forts, other boxes are buildings, small black lines denote paths, light blue areas are swamps, and white areas are fields or yards)

Territories Map (Green=enemy Dark Blue=Red Scorpion)

my house is the one at the corner of the first two streets in the neighborhood, neither blue nor green and has paths behind it and the fort in grey and playhouse (sister's) in red

Fort Salamandastron Map

Fort Salamandastron's Observation Tower (before palisades)

Team Lineup

Red Scorpion

Long Patrol
Leader: Marauder, CPS 2000, SS 40 job: sniper age: 14
Pyro: SC 500 power modded job: sniper/pyrotechnician (handles smoke bombs, firecrackers, and waterballoons) age: 14
Phothepson: Max D 6000, 2 Storm Force 2s: job: grunt age:14
Clayton Brigade
Leader: Tiger: CPS 1200 job: grunt age:13
Second in Command: Big Dog: CPS 3200, Storm 750 job: artillery man (aka Heavy Weapons Officer) age:15
Jade Falcon: WWF Stone Cold, XP 240 job: grunt age:13
Ben: Storm 2500 job: grunt age: 13
Evan: XP 240, XP 220 job: scout age: 13
Warhound: SC 600 job: grunt age: 10

Enemy Team (why haven't they come up with a name yet?) Viper is going to be at his Grandmas so there is going to be one brigade...

Leader: Hellbringer:CPS 1200, XP 240 job: grunt age: 11
Second in Command: Psycho: NI SS 100 job: grunt age: 11
Third in Command: Tank: CPS 1200 job: sniper age: 13
Patriot: CPS 2500 job:artillery man (AKA Heavy Weapons Officer) age: 12
Bushwacker: CPS 2700 job: artillery man (AKA Heavy Weapons Officer) age: 11
Been Jammin: CPS 1500 job: grunt age: 11
Black Hawk: XP 270 job: scout age: 10
Buccanneer: CPS 1000 job: grunt age: 8
Backguy: XP 240, XP 240 job: grunt age: 9
Couger: XP 310, XP 270 job: grunt age: 8
Big Mike: SC 600, job: grunt age: 15
Zack: XP 240, job: grunt age: 7

I would like also to state the fact that half of my army is missing because they are going on a Church Youth Group outing that I could have gone also... in fact I lost almost all my best soldiers, and since school is still in session and Cary is 30 mins away (even though its a Saturday) I digress... nobody from the Cary Brigade can come either, meaning, I've lost everyone on my team 15+ right now, and tons of CPS weapons. Oh well, thanks,

Posted: 20020507

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