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Stories Vermin War 5 - Part III

By: M4

(about 25 more pics are being developed)
It had grown dark and the figures of the enemy team stood out like shadows against the pine thicket across the road. Graham and I had been filling water balloons since 18:30 and we had around 75 to 100 filled so far. Graham, who came up with the codename, Phothepson Abdu,l for himself, kept talking about how they were getting ready to attack and he was getting tense. In reality, the three had just finished playing cards and were checking their weapons. Yet the constant taunts from my sister were sinking into the mind and had become anoying. Earlier Photehepson and I hunted down my brother, and pegged him with waterballoons. In retaliation Cobra and Buccanneer, stole some of our flour bombs, and got two good hits on Phothepson and I. Phothepson could not contain himself, and had to get revenge. Gripping one of his Storm Tsunami Force 2s tightly he set off into the dark on a raid. Judging by the sillouettes he had caused quite a disturbance and had taken some good shots. I grabbed some waterballoons and covered his retreat. The enemy failed to pursue, not one shot of the enemy had found its mark, and my comrade was as dry as I was. This time I joined in, and attacked from the right flank, with a barrage of waterballoons, and the other Storm 2. After this we had to refill, and the enemy had got right ticked. They came after us in a fury, and we had to run seperate ways with them right on our heals. Regrouping in the woods we waited for the Black Cobras (name = color + animal... how original). Photehepson took up a position semi visible in Fort Salamandastron, and I hid in the shadows of nearby trenches. The enemy almost surrounded the fort and had a feusalaide of water pouring onto it. Two of the enemy had to run to refill, and the rest were within Armageddon's range. I picked out the one with the flashlight who was shining it at the fort and zoomed in my focus on my enemy. Hidden in the black of night I pulled the trigger, "wooosh, bam" went the greeting of water against my foe who dropped the flashlight. I ran out to cover Phothepson who was getting down from the fort, and found that my victim was my 8 year old sister who was really mad at me by now. We escaped to the road, but I got a good hit in the right side by Cobra's lethal 2700 which had a modigied 20x nozzle, and Phothepson was shot by Hellbringer's 1200. Cobra yelled back at me and started taunting me. We ran into the street and I challenged Cobra to a 1 on 1 battle. Each side agreed, at this point it only being 3 on 2, so we made our way under the street light at the end of the road each with our guns. His first shot fell short as I dodged it, stepping to the side and firing back. My first shot was a good direct hit to the upper chest, in which the spectators aproved as a hit. The next shot was swerved and hit my feet, but this was not a legal hit. I ran to the left and fired hitting him again, making it 2 to 0 on a 5 hit game. Cobra ran at me with his half loaded 2700 and got a shot off, it wasn't very acurate, but it spilled all over me. This time I missed my shot and he hit me again. Both of us hit our next shots, then I dodged and unloaded a final blow on his shoulder. By this time both of us were out of water, and we retired for the night, each team taking turns using the faucet to fill up. We went inside and talked online at Aquatica, then watched "A Knight's Tale" before going to sleep.



Day 5 (May 11th)

At 6:40 we awoke to a breakfast of Donuts. Oddly my brother and Kasey (Cobra) were already inside from their tent, and were playing snake on the computer... instead of Cobra's beloved Age of Empires. Seeing that we were up we had a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Tournament on my playstation in which Cobra won. The battle had been anounced to start at 11:30 that morning, so we went outside and filled up more balloons and worked on the fort. Around 10:30 Jessica (Jade Falcon) came down and helped us with more water balloons, by now we had about 400 filled. I called Tiger on the phone to make sure he was coming, and soon he arived. We brought everything down to the fort and got ready to fight. The enemy could not find a base to use since Psycho had not arrived, and was still standing around their tent in my front yard. Tiger got carried away and started hurling waterballoons at them, soon a skirmish broke out. The enemy was forced back from the tent, but then retaliated with massed CPS fire. Seeing that our primary weapons were at the fort I called off the attack.
Soon the Black Cobras came down to the creek where our fort was, and attacked us on 3 sides, in which they had built surrounding trenches behind fallen trees the day before. Immediatly we opened up with a massed grenade attack, and the air was filled with waterballoon after waterballoon. The enemy had to duck behind their earthenworks, but the folaige was so dense that our attack was not as successful as was planned. We decided not to waist more waterballoons, and started using our CPS weapons. Cobra was murdering us with his 20x modded nozzle from behind two tee stumps where there was a small trench area facing our direction. I covered Tiger while he ran to take him out. Along the way he ran into Black Hawk with his XP 270, and obliterated him in CPS fire. Tiger turned to the left down the path right behind enemy lines were they were firing on us, and got Cobra with two waterballoons square in the back. Yet as soon as he had done this he was rushed by Hellbringer and Couger who soaked him, forcing him in retreat. Jade Falcon ran out and covered him as he got back into the fort in a rage. Tiger was just acting crazy, messed up, and all out stupid, but he was sure fighting like I'd never seen before. Taking two waterballoons he ran up to Black Hawk and slammed them on his back, this violated the 5 foot law set forthe before the war, but Tiger was never a person to follow rules. We were suddenly close to empty in our water supplies, and our refill bottles were draining. The enemy also had taken a temporary lull in the combat and sent for refills. We had lunch, the usual hotdogs, chips, and sodas. Tiger left for Target to buy some guns, but he never came back. However; Cristina came, and we fought some more. We assaulted them after they took out base, raining down heavy with waterballoons. We forced them from out base, but could not defeat them. Another Stalemate...


Posted: 20020610

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