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Stories 4th Annual Super Soaker Fight of East Chain

By: Wayne K.

Well it was the 4th annual super soaker fight of east chain. There were about 11 people in the fight.

The teams and their soakers!

CIA protectors
David- president

5 Splashzooka’s
1 CPS 2100
2 XP 240s
2 SC 400s
1 CPS 2500
2 Storm guns
1 Max- D6000

The enemy team:

1 CPS 2100, CPS 1000, CPS 2500, XXP 175, XP 240, XP 70, and a non-Super Soaker back up gun.

The game we were playing:

Submitted by Kane
Number of People: Any (at least 5)
Duration: Any length of time available. Typically a shorter game.
Area Required: Any location which can afford to get wet. However, can be made more interesting if done in an area with a lot of hiding places.

Overview (adapted from email)
One person is the President and has no type of water blaster whatsoever. The rest of the people are either body guards or assassins. The person with no blaster must be protected by other people that act as the President's guards since the President has no weapon. His/her bodyguards must protect the President for a set amount of time or provide protection while the President is moved from one known location to another. If the President gets shot (this can vary from the way you play. I play with one hit kills) the game is over.
Option: For those who think that the President should be armed, he/she can be given a small pistol weapon to use (since most would think the President should be able to fend for him/herself). An XP 20 or XP 40 would be ideal as a small, concealed side-arm. (Thanks

Well, we had decided to give the president a big soaker (Max-D 6000), everyone else on my team had Splashzookas, and I had a COS 2100 along with my Splashzooka. The plan was to start at 2:00pm no matter what and we would start to head to the checkpoint.

We started at 2:00pm and we stayed off the road because they thought that was were we were coming from. When we got to a creek that separated the town, we stopped and sent out a scout to see what was happening. He said that they had a water balloon launcher set up to get us and to make quick work of the game.

We decided to fake them and we made Alpha team (Wayne, Calvin, and Matt) and Beta team with David, Eric, and Jarod. Alpha team was to distract the enemies while Beta team was going to cross the creek and get to the checkpoint as quickly as possible. We went across to the other side of the road and we quickly made sure that the other team saw us. After about 5 minutes, the other teams realized that the president wasn’t there and quickly went to search for him, but they were already at the check point and had started to head back. When we met up with them again we forced our way through them. When we got back to the starting place we won the game and we got to make them go in front of a firing squad and shot them up for about 5 minutes!!!

Posted: 20020610

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