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Stories A CPS2000 Story

By: JoeTideWater

I love my CPS 2000. Even though it only gets about 4 full gauges and about 3 bursts out of each full gauge, that's still alot if you use it, correctly. As you'll see:

Testimony: In one instance, I was faced with 4 kids who were armed with water balloons. They had taken out my friend who had the XXP175 and XP95 in order to back me up. As they approached, I furiously pumped to make use of my full tank. They arrived at a proper throwing distance just as I finished filling out the gauge. Those kids launched the balloons like their lives depended on it. It turns out it did. I dodged 2 of their balloons, batted one aside with the nozzle of the gun, and changed the direction of the last one by unloading half the guage on it. Disarmed and now looking very worried, the kids ran. I shot one in the back as he turned to flee, I caught up with another, soaking his shoulder. By this time, I was where my friend had estimated their hose to be. All I had to do was pump up back to a full gauge and wait. It was then that I got smacked from behind with a balloon.

Anticlimactic, I know. I still love my CPS 2000, though.

Posted: 20030609

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