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Stories Water War at the Parade

By: Nick M.

This was the day I had been dreaming of: The day of the Parade Water War. I was waiting for the floats to go by, waiting for the the East Chain 4-H club float to approach. It was number 63 out of 120 so I had to wait awhile. As soon as we saw it, me and a few other kids and adults grabbed our soakers. The blasters included a Max-D Secret Strike, a Max-D 3000, 2 Max-D 6000s , a CPS 2100, 2 Splashfires, two small non-super soaker guns, a Max-D 5000, and an XP-style gun. On the opposing team, I didn't really get a good look at their guns, but I did see a CPS 2000, a CPS 1000, and some homemade guns that really did a good job. I was charging, but then I remembered someone saying "let them make the first shot". Although I didn't fire, someone launched a water balloon so we attacked. I pretty much was just shooting people everywhere they went. I didn't really get a good look at anybody because all the water flying around clouded my vision. I charged at some of the people with the homemade guns, but they had such a strong output that I had to retreat. I left and someone said it was time for the 4-Her's to go so we ended and then went to get a snack. After the parade, they came up to get washed and get some ice cream and talk to us. It was a very good day.

Posted: 20030618

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