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Stories The French and the Germans

By: Frances H.

These are just 2 main actions which took place during this water battle. First thing to point out is that none of the people who played in this battle are really french or german and the teams weren't picked out for any reasons of racism. Second is that both actions happened around my house which is built on a hill so there are 2 ground floors. OK, now the teams.


Me(Martin): CPS1200 and a shield
Matthew: SC600
Lionel: SC600 (broken pump though, obliged to use QFD)


Scott: xp240
Giacomo: xp310
Adam: CPS1200 (argh, I thought he would have used one of the weaker ones)

The first action was around my house. My team was about to attack the enemy, situated at the swimming pool, when we heard some noise coming from behind a wall. I hid right on the corner of the house's wall where I couldn't be seen, but couldn't see the enemies either. Matthew, who was new to water gun fights, hid crouched behind a very low and long wall where he could be seen easily. Lionel hadn't noticed what was going on and was useless for the first part of the action. All the enemy team was advancing, talking loudly, and telling each other jokes (surely not very professional) and shooting around to test the power of their weapons. Given how the walls are placed around my house (which I won't explain because it's too complicated) Matthew was seen and the enemy team started laughing at his pitiful attempts at hiding, not knowing that I was very close to them. They shot at him keeping their distance. At that moment, I popped out from behind the wall, raised my shield to cover all of my body, and unleashed a full CPS 1200 blast on all 3 of them. Their weapons were pressure free and the power of my blast made them run away immediately without attacking back or thinking twice. I quickly ran after them while Lionel and Matthew intended to run round the other side of the house, surrounding them and not allowing them to reach their base. I don't know what happened with Lio, Matt Aand Scott because I was fighting with Giac who had stopped his run to try and stop me following him. Initially, he was having the upper hand because he had hidden behind a wall and had shot me in the eyes to stun me, but as soon as his pressure dropped and he started running again, I took another full shot on him. During his brief run, he had pumped up his gun and turned around to try and hit me in the eyes once more (I had just used up all the pressure). This time, though, I was prepared and my shield proved itself to be very useful as I kneeled to the floor to cover as much of my body behind it. After that, I don't remember what happened but this action had been important to get the french team in the lead.

The next action took place close to a wall in my garden. It's a big wall that runs through all of my garden reaching to the swimming pool and is about 1.6 metres tall. It's built next to a hill so on one side there's the drop, on the other there's a few metres of flat ground, level with the top of the wall, and then some more hill. Our enemies knew we were coming for them and had picked out a good position to defend. We couldn't sorround them and couldn't attack them head on without receiving as much water as we would have been able to deal to them. But I had had a brilliant idea to defeat them easily. Me and Matthew hid behind a little piece of house wall which sticks out from the rest while Lionel stood on the wall ready to charge right beside them. The idea was that Lionel was going to run toward the swimming pool, making himself as visible as possible but at the same time using the wall for protection. Then me and Matthew would attack the enemy who would be revealing their backs to us. As soon as Lio showed himself running the other team stupidly fell for it (who would send a man alone shouting like a maniac) and Matthew and I quickly but silently followed behind them ready to drench them. Adam unfortunately saw us at the last moment so he managed to get a bit of his thick stream of water on us. Giac and Scott, though, were far away now and Adam was alone with a huge water gun to pump up against 2 people. What he did was obvious. He ran. I quickly followed behind him shooting as much water as I could before he turned around to shoot me back. Matthew, in the meantime, was doing something else which doesn't seem to have been something good since he was later on attacked by Giac and Scott and got pretty much drenched. In any case, I followed Adam all the way to the swimming pool before he had pumped his gun and turned around to attack. The shield, yet again, showed itself to be very useful although a few seconds later I shot myself by mistake because it had got into the gun's way. But I was satisfied. I had completely soaked the enemies number one menace without getting too much in return. This battle was one of the most fun ever (apart from the weather) and it proves that even with water guns, which aren't often taken seriously, you need tactics to win a battle.

Posted: 20030626

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