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Stories Independance Day

By: Rich

It was a hot summer day on July 4th... Yes, our Independence Day. Me <Rich> was at my friend Matt's house for a BBQ. His little sister's birthday was yesterday so there was a party. My family and his grandparents were there. Me, Matt, and his dad had just filled 200 water balloons without his sisters knowledge. Matt's next door neighbor, Sean, was also filling water balloons. He saw us and started throwing them. Matt grabbed 1 water balloon and chucked it over the chain link fence. Then threw it at him through the fence. It broke at the touch but got Sean and his bro., Ryan, wet. They started doing the same before they had to go eat. We ate as day became night and the real fun began. Matt had 2 Storm guns, an XP 105 <still worked great>, and a multi function garden hose head. Sean's dad, Keith, decided to throw smoke bombs into the back yard to blind us all. The blue, red, and purple smoke covered the yard and. Me and Matt ran into his fort. Now both being 14, it was hard to stand so Matt got on his knees and I got on my stomach. The cries of a 11, 13, and 46 year old rang through the back yard as the Monster XL's streams ripped through the forts plastic bag wall he had just made. But the worst part of the night was the one gun Sean had: The Dreaded CPS 2000. It hit 20 water balloons in the fort and tore them apart. Soon, they ran away and refilled. My house, being down the street, was a great place for water weaponry. I have most CPS soakers. Matt grabbed my Monster XL before I grabbed it back. That was my weapon of mass destruction so he decided to grab my CPS 3200. We filled up and stole their idea except we used a more dangerous method. We ran into his house and slowly creaped through it. Sean's Mom, Sue, loved the idea and gladly gave us some water balloons. We ran outside and slowly behind the shed. Sean had made a mini fort for him and his brother. We got behind it and I flipped down the bipod of the XL. It had been oiled buy my dad which made it easier to pump. The three stepped outside and all off a sudden Ryan fell down on the ground. My blast was so hard it knocked him down. We soon threw smoke bombs on the ground and it fogged up the area. Matt splashed down Sean and Keith before we ran home dry and safe. No one really won the battle and my Monster XL broke. But I had an extra for tomorrow. Out of all of this I learned something: size doesn't matter, ammo does.

Posted: 20030704

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