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Stories Incompetence

By: Ben

Hi, I am Ben, an avid soldier of water warfare in which I have had many interesting experiences. My confined group of friends and I have about two to three organized one-shot kill water gun fights a week.

Today, on July 17, a very amusing thing happened. My team consisted of me, armed with a 1200, Rob, equipped with a deadly CPS 2000, Josh, dragging a CPS 2100, and Jared, boasting a CPS 4100. The enemy team was made of John, Zach, Jon, and Zach's little brother. The only effective players on my team were me and Rob while the other team's elite members were John and Jon. So basically, this fight was a two on two.

We marched down Lefferts Street, humming German war tunes. Before we knew it, we spotted the enemy. Our fight had begun. The enemy moved back and around the corner. We continued to hunt them down. My team soon caught up and we were face to face. The enemy's captain and best player, John, decided to turn around and give orders to his dormant soldiers. It was at this point that I saw an opening.

I cunningly flanked him through the lawn of a civilian's property and I found myself aiming straight at his unsuspecting back. I rushed at him with my fully pumped CPS 1200 and pulled the trigger, unleashing hell on his back. John was utterly saturated with water. He did not know what in the world hit him. He looked furiously at his soldier in front of him who had to have seen me as I had so blatantly owned him. John then justifyingly flipped out on his team and surrendered the game. This shows how incompetent some people can be.

Posted: 20030717

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