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Stories Night Fight

By: Mitchell

(Based on a true story)

I was at Nick's house with Aaron and Ricky when we decided to have a water war. I had to equip all but Aaron and the teams were an even 2-to-2. I had the only CPS and it was a Splashzooka. The other person on my team was Nick who was equipped with a MaxD-5000. The other team however consisted of Aaron and Ricky: Aaron had his XP310 and Ricky had all the waterballoons.

When we started, Nick and I took the best base: the three story apartment complex where we had the uphill advantage, but Ricky can chuck a waterballoon far up to where we were at. The first one he threw I knocked out of the air with my gun and, as Ricky was distracting us, I heard Aaron on the first floor. I shot him through a crack on the ground and he had to go back to his base. Then Ricky tried to get up and Nick and I soaked him to the core, man. In the end, me and Nick won. The next battle, I said, is going to be more competitive because there will be more CPS weaponry.

Well that was my story. I hope you enjoyed it.

Posted: 20030725

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