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Stories The Battle of Natoma

By: Hawk

  • Our Team's Weaponry
    Monster X
    CPS 1-3-5
    Squirt Fire Gun
    CPS 3200

  • The Enemy's Weaponry
    Monster X
    CPS 2000 (2)
    XP 350
    CPS 3500 (3)

This battle was sparked inadvertently by my teammate, Snake. Snake had taunted how weak they were because we had supremacy for four years. They all quickly declared war on us at the wrong time. All the rest of my team was at camp, so it just was me and Snake vs 10 angry enemy.

We quickly started filling supplies and our guns. We also experimented with a new type of water grenade, the fishtail. The fishtail was basically a plastic newspaper bag filled with water. We continued filling munitions. Then, the battle started.

We have a park in Natoma, so Snake decided to go there for sniping points. Mistake. When climbing up a tower, he fell and was hurt. He quickly screamed for help and I was there. I couldn't move him because we would be easy targets. I got some tarps and fortified the base and Snake was helped up onto the top level, limping. That's when the first attacks arrived. They attacked in force. We were pinned down, unable to return fire. The enemy also made a base on the other side of the towers and were continually firing.

I busted out the Monster and fired back behind the tarp. One of them was going back for some more ammo on a side that the enemy couldn't fire from. So I blasted him with the Monster and he was out. Snake then got him in the shirt by some water and was trying to dry. I continued to blast away at the other base, but by then tarps were already set up. The fishtail grenade worked out quite nicely. I threw at grenade at the tarp and BAM, the tarp was blown off. A second fishtail took care of four more unfriendlies. That's when tragedy struck.

We were completely running out of ammo. I ran back to base at full speed, filling up canteens. But, it was too late. Snake was soaked and out. I still had to defend the tower. That's when they charged me, firing the CPS 3200's at me. Luckily, the tarps covered me and I pooped out to throw a fishtail grenade, eliminating four more guys. The last two, ran for cover, out of ammo, and then I blasted them. We had won.

After the battle, Snake had sprung his angle and I was at one third of life. But, still we had won.

Posted: 20030817

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