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Stories The Battle at Torkarsk

By: David N.

  • Our Team's Weapons
    Monster X
    CPS 1-3-5
    Water Blaster (2)
    Water Grenades
  • Enemy Weapons

This battle was a minor difficulty compared to most of our battles. The battle was to take place at 1:30pm. I was up since 9:00am loading supplies for the fight. My team was assembled and we practiced aiming and assaulting. We had assembled big caches of weapons, including cheap water pistols. We had assembled a base out in the park and covered it with tarps and had refilling supplies in it.

The battle had started. The people on my team were handpicked, and basically operated as a Delta Force team, each fighting independently. I had my Monster X at my side, and we began engaging. As we approached the combat zone, we were greeted with a torrent of fire and all of us dove for cover and ran into the base, assessing the situation. Since one of our previous battles had invovled exactly this and during that battle we were pinned down, I ordered an fast evacuation and sent my team to defend the base while I grabbed supplies with Snake, a grunt on my team. We got the tarps and withdrew to the rear areas. We all agreed to counter this. We all reloaded and I grabbed about ten grenades. We all moved out and, to our surprise, the enemy had fortified our exact same base area and had brought tons of ammo.

We all attacked. Attacking, we took cover behind benches. The tarps wouldn't go down, so we all busted out the grenades and chucked them out the tarps, taking them out. Their supplies were in the open, so another salvo of grenades took out the supplies. I then sent out Eagle to go capture the base. We all had routed them. Time for the final plunge.

They had run into the forest. All of us charged in, but then Snake was soaked and out. We all took camoflagued cover. And then a unique oppurtunity happened, the enemy leader's element was in the open. A stealthly attack captured him. And we won!

Posted: 20030826

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