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Stories Showdown of Natoma

By: Zulu

  • Our Team's Weaponry
    Monster X
    CPS 1-3-5
    Max-D 2000
    Max-D 4000
    Max-D 6000
    Storm 600 (2)
  • Enemy Weaponry
    CPS 3000 (2)
    XP 350
    XP 250
    Storm 300

This was the first real combat for my full team. We had prepared for months for this fight and we started setting up. We have a park in Natoma, and we setup tarps to defend the tree area of the park, also bringing a 28 gallon tub, 100 water grenades, and a water grenade launcher. We had all prepared. The enemy used their leader's back yard as a base, complete with a wicker fence guarding the hose. They had also barricaded the other entrance, which was a fenced gate with a shed. The battle soon began.

My team had divided into three squads. The Bravo Element, the squad I was leading, was made up of Fox, my heavy weapons officer, and me. We were the sniper team. The Kahuna Element were our scouts and riflemen, made up of Weasel and Snitch, very fast people on my team. The last element, Fudge, were the grenade launchers. Those people were the best, as my second in command, Mr. Fudge led it with Snake. The battle had started. The leader was armed with his CPS and tried to nail my element with a nice blast, but we all avoided it. They then fell back. All elements surged forward, confident. And then we were ambushed, hit severly with the hose. We all pulled back, drying off. The Fudge element covered the evacuation, bombarding their base. Then, Bravo element moved out. I picked up a Storm and climbed the barricades to start ambushing. Just as I got my bearings, I was held up by the XP gunner and she was holding a water balloon, threatening the throw it. I was about to surrender, until a torrent of fire came at the captor, making her run. The Kahuna Element had saved me, taking me back to the base. We then came up with a plan. The Fudge and Kahuna Elements would hang back as I took my team to an ambush spot in their backyard. We waited in ambush, and then we attacked. We got them pretty good until the hose was aimed at us. The Fudge Element, however, begun flinging grenades at them, and blowing us an escape route. We escaped unscathed. But then, we were charged. We held off the enemy so the Fudge Element could escape with their supplies. We continued to blast them, until we ran out of our spare supplies and we evacuated.

We then fell back to our base. The enemy had started a small counterattack, and we had to hold them off. Weasel headed them off, firing his CPS 1-3-5 at them. With the attack stopped, we all refilled. They then made a base. This was the grenade launcher's time to shine.

The enemy were gathering by a bench in the park, preparing to charge us. The Bravo and Kahuna Elements started counterattacking with rifles, and Fudge began to attack. They missed ten times, until the got a hit. This balloon hit a girl enemy, and she cried. The enemy stopped the war, surrendering because they did not want to try to mess the grenade launcher.

We had won, without a single loss.

Posted: 20030907

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