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Stories Operation Counter Strike

By: Zulu

This was a war that took place on October 3rd, 2003, the tenth anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) and this war had the similar effects. After the last battles of the summer, the neighborhood had been tense. No one had offical control over the park and everyone held small sections. All of the enemy teams would always follow behind their leaders, armed with CPS 1000s, and act as bodyguards. Although it's cold in October (I live up north), we planned an operation to ensnare the enemy leadership by launching a surprise attack. Members of the Delta Group (Me, Viper, Hawk) would capture the leaders while the rest of my team would hold a perimeter defending us.

After I got home from school, I got on my combat vest and my camouflage on. I loaded up my Monster X and my Storm 300, and filled up bottles with water in them. I called everyone up and they came, toting full weapons and bringing water balloons. I also wore kneepads that day as I'd be dropping down on the ground to find cover. The enemy was then patrolling with the leaders sitting down at a bench in the park, talking on alliances. Then we all attacked. Delta Group quickly moved in and we captured both leaders. By then, everyone of the enemy had come home from school and were counterattacking. We then took flexcuffs, cuffed the leaders, and lead them to the Staging Area where some of our regs would demand information. Delta would just clean up. Then it happened.

The enemy was toting three man water balloon launchers and had hit the youngest on the team (also my little brother) Weasel in the gut. He was hurt and had the wind knocked out of him. We all dove for cover, firing our first shots since we began the operation. We then got encircled, our base cut off from us. We were cut off. Only two men remained at base, and using a radio, I told them to leave supplies in drops for us. We continued firing, countering the balloons. The launcher was in front of my house and we needed to stop their firing. I then sent Monk, the best shot in my squad, with a Max D 6000, to get into a vantage spot and snipe the launcher's crew. By then, we were almost depleted of all water and we resorted to breaking up water balloons to refill. Monk climbed a tree and opened fire. The crew was soaked and ran away. We all reloaded and I made an assessment of my team. Half of them were soaked at the Staging Area and the prize of the operation were sprung. The enemy then strung them all up and took them to their base, holding them in the leader's screenhouse. Now the mission was liberation.

The remainder of my squad and I moved out with extra weapons for our POW's. We hid in the foilage, waiting for their assault teams. They ran past us. We then quickly moved, picking the lock on the screenhouse and releasing our team, giving them guns. We then were discovered and we ran the way out. I was hit and was at 2/3 soakage. I stood behind, holding off the bad guys with the Monster until I was soaked. My team came back and got me. We had liberated our men, lost our prisoners, and 2/3 of the team were soaked and freezing. Still, we had mauled them, leaving them only with two able men out of their 20 men teams.

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