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Stories The Ambush

By: Michael T.

Here is the lineup:


Mikey: CPS 4100, CPS 1000
Mo: CPS 1000

My Team:

Me (Michael): Cps 4100, Tripple Agressor
Jason: Cps 2100
Andrew: Monster X (Basically the same as the CPS 4100)

The setup was a small dirt field with a hose, a sidewalk leading to a sidewalk with a small field then a fenced mini playground directly in front of the field. Next to the playground, or directly in front of the field behind the park, are a lineup of garages (Its a co-op) and to the left of the field and sidewalk are houses that have porches covered with bushes.

Let's start.

Everybody started. Our base was the park. Jason crawled under the thing to hide, while Andrew and his monster got on top of the playground and aimed for the way they were coming. I ran across to the houses and hid in the bushes. Then Andrew gave me the sign. He blasted Mikey with his monster multiple times while me and Jason got Mo to retreat along with Mikey. They didn't go to their base; they went to the back by the garages. Jason waited on the far wall an the right side of the park and I waited with my 4100 on the left side. Andrew went in to get them. We sent a scout (one of the neighbors who begged us to) to see what was going on. He reported Mo was coming on Jason's side and Mikey would soon be on mine. I gave a sign to Jason and he turned to a ready position. I gave my 4100 a couple of more pumps and turned it to fan spreay. Mikey came running out with Andrew right beind him. Then I popped out on the side walk and blasted him about 4 times. He called a retreat while Mo was soaking Jason. Jason was going to wait for an ambush while me and Andrew patrolled. I quickly got my Triple Aggressor and pumped up both my guns. I went around back to the garages when I heard a charging scream. They were in the base.

Jason was soaked and was starting to pump which somehow took a very long time. Andrew was still patrolling so I flipped on my radio and radioed him to meet by the garages covertly and maintain radio silence. We rendezvoued while Jason was holding them off. Me and Andrew crawled to the point and climbed in the backway to the base. Andrew came around and got Mo to retreat while I got Mikey out of the base with both of my guns. We then planned to take over their base. Andrew defended our base while me and Jason made our way to theirs. We caught them refilling. It was good, not great. We totally got them and they surrendered. We walked them to the base with blasters pointed at them. We then ordered them to drop their weapons, it worked. Then came the balloons. Jason totally soaked us. He was a traitor. Andrew went to get Jason. I quickly handed him my CPS. He would have two of the greatest guns. He chased Jason down while I emptied the POWs' weapons just in case. Andrew soaked jason down. It had been a success. We packed everything up and we set out for home. Later, my foot started stinging like crazy, I found huge red bug bites all over my back, and I couldn't walk at all because I twisted my ankle. That's why I'm home from school writing this. Well, good luck on your water adventures everyone!

Posted: 20040524

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