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Stories Forest Fight I

By: Yannick M.

Our team:

Luke - 2 dollar store water guns that work really well (shoots 35 feet)
Devon - 2 dollar store water guns that work really well (shoots 35 feet)
Jordan - CPS 2700
Yannick (me, leader) - CPS 2500

Other team:

John - Max-D Secret Strike
Josh - 2 XP 270
Mike - Super Charger 600
William - 2 squirt guns (haha)

First, we started out at 7:30 to head to the forest with a 80 litre bucket of water and water balloons. It was super heavy, but luckily a very nice man with a truck offered to drive some of us to the forest and drive the bucket of water.

We got there alot quicker then we thought. Everybody took a waterballoon and entered our pre-built forts. The whistle was blown to begin the fight. I am the sniper and scout on the team so I went around the forest behind their base.


Meanwhile, Jordan was guarding the base and luke and Devon were advancing towards the base.


I was behind the enemies base and there was Josh. He was standing very alert and kept looking behind himself. I was wearing good camo so he did not see me. I was sneaking closer and closer to him. I made a crackled and he looked back but I quickly hid behind the tree. He stepped out of his base and started walking towards me.

I knew that he would find me so I threw a stick to the left of me and it hit a tree so he started walking toward where the noise was made. Now was the right time I thought. He had his back turned and thats when I lobbed a waterballoon which hit him square in the head and On size 20x shot him in the face. He was down. While he was on the ground, I ran away not being seen by him.

The game was whichever team was soaked the most would lose. Josh was now completely soaked.


Meanwhile, Luke and Devon teamed up on William. William, having two squirt guns, got quite owned but, with his military skills, he also got Dev and Luke a bit wet. Jordan was teamed up on by Mike and John. Jordan was becoming executed (He went down on his knees and Mike and John shot his head and neck). Jordan was getting soaked until Devon and I came to the rescue.

We came up behind Mike and John who were to busy executing Jordan. They did not notice us. Devon with two water gun aimed one at John' head and Mike' head and I aimed for Mike at 10x because he is a more skilled water warrior. We opened fire and soaked Mike. John was a bit wet because the lacking waterguns that Devon had.

John ran away like a wussie. John always acted like a wuss. He hid in a bush so I could not see him. I ran past him and thats when he started sneaking behind me. I stopped, and turned my head. He shot the Secret Strike, I dodged some of the water but still got a bit wet. I opened fire and soaked him.


Meanwhile, Luke was fighting Josh and having difficulties until Josh stepped in one of my Balloon traps. Josh's shoes got soaked and he tripped and fell. Luke then lobbed an ordinary water filled balloon which got him even more soaked.


Jordan and John were both soaked so they went home. *cough* *cough* WUSS *cough* *cough*.


The opposing team was soaked except for William who was still a bit wet. We all thought, "Where the heck is that guy". We split up. Since our team had only 3 people I went alone being the best water warrior. I saw William running through the forest. I chased him and caught up.

"Just surrender, William," I said.

"Baaaah Never!" Will screamed.

"Fine" I said.

I put my gun on 20x. He started "Squirting" me. That's when I pulled the trigger and he got soaked!

At the end of the fight we all went to my house except for John and Jordan and had nice hot chocolate. In turned out that we won. Obviously.

P.S.- I do hope you liked my story. Maybe next time I will put pictures of the forest and our teams.


Posted: 20040525

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