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Stories The Battle of the Tarps

By: TCPaintBaller720

It was about a week since school had ended, and our neighborhood was anxious to begin the water war season. I called up the members of my team, and they came over. We then found out that the two teams that traditionally faced us had joined sides, due to our botched raid in October (See Operation Counter Strike). I hit my head in frustration. The enemy had tied rope from tree to tree, putting tarps on it, and essentially made a big, unpenetratable wall. This wall was extraordinary, sporting full coverage of their area, and that meant it would be hard to capture their supply source. So, my team and i divided into 3 four man fireteams, and planned to assault the fortress.

I loaded up my Monster X and Storm 300 sidearm and moved out. My teammate, Hawk, carried a camoflague painted Monster XL and he took point, right ahead of me. My other members of the fireteam, Phoenix and Viper, carried CPS 1200's and covered the rear. The lead team, led by my brother Weasel, ordered everyone to stop because he heard something. Then all hell broke loose. They were lobbing water balloons with slingshots at us. My team sought cover, and we hid in the tall grass in the fields. Unfortunately, Weasel's team was taken out, and forced to dry off. The teams continued on, and we began facing enemy recons. Our Monsters and CPS took care of the lightly armed recons. We then came up on the fortress. Two hoses opened up on us. We all took cover and started firing. They fired massed CPS bursts at us, and we were beginning to get soaked. Hawk managed to cap a few, firing the XL and throwing some balloons into the fray. Still, the enemy fire kept pouring and part of my fireteam was out to dry. We all then decided to fall back and regroup.

Back at base, we sent Weasel's fireteam to guard while we planned. We all decided to charge the area, and saturate it with water balloons. We reloaded and attacked. It was a long battle, but we won after Hawk cut down the tarps with a knife. We breached in and won.

Posted: 20040717

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