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Stories Urban Skirmish

By: Veteran

One of my teammates and I were walking down the street when I saw some of my neighbors shooting each other with Water Warrior Wasps and Crickets, and of course we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to peg off some kids with our superior firepower. We went back to our houses where I grabbed up my 1000 and he got his 2100. Our houses are on opposite sides of where the kids were fighting in a small coal de sac, so we came from both sides and attacked. I fired a few warning shots into the air while Drew, my teammate just fired into them.

They fired at us with the pistols, which had surprisingly good range. Once they saw the strength of our blasts they backed off. I realized that two of the younger kids were getting creamed, so I asked if they wanted to be on our team. They said that the others had taken one of their pistols so one of them was unarmed. We headed out of the battle and back to my house to get a gun for the kid. I grabbed up an Xp 270, which he was most satisfied with. We headed down to Drew’s house to find the enemy again, but they were nowhere to be found. We filled up the Xp 270 and went back into the street where we found them running down the sidewalk at us.

We fired into them. I took aim at one of the farthest away and fired some bursts. They tried to dodge but were caught by each shot. A couple with the Crickets came at me and fired, I was only touched by a little of the streams. I held down the trigger of my 1000 for about 3 seconds, which was enough to soak the front of one of them. The kids had charged at the enemy and were firing blindly into the fray, which was enough to scare the pistol-wielders off. Drew was keeping the other two enemies at bay, shooting spurts at them when they advanced. They ran back up the street toward my house, and we went back to Drew’s house to refill.

Afterwards we headed up to my house where we found the enemy waiting in ambush. To my dismay, they had taken my Monster X. We went into my backyard. Drew and the two kids climbed into the upper level of our base, I closed my backyard gate and waited. Through the hole in the gate that allowed it to open from both sides came shots from my Monster X. I fired through the hole and they started yelling amongst themselves. In hopes of creating a small ambush, I ran up to the gate, opened it and ran back to the lower level of my base where I left the door open a crack. They came in, and I drove them off with shots from my 1000 that they couldn’t see the source of. Out of the windows shot the rest of our team.

After about 5 more minutes of fighting, the team surrendered. It had been a good small war.

Posted: 20040722

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