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Stories The Labyrinth Incident

By: XP20Warrior

This was a waterfight I had last summer last May before my birthday. Medhavin and Uvraj, my cousins from the other war I had posted, were involved in this skirmish, including my brother and my…well, I’ll leave that for now.

It had just finished raining. The sky was mostly overcast, a small slit in the clouds, showing a golden sky above. The ground was damp, a few sprinkles still falling from the sky above.

Medhavin and Uvraj had just come over after the rain stopped. We immediately armed ourselves before it started to again. Uvraj and I was on one team, while Andrew and Medhavin was on the other.

Uvraj took my CPS-3200, immediately assuming that the biggest gun was the best. I didn’t say anything. I wanted to use it, but decided to let him use it, and let my cousins get a taste of the guns used back in the good ol’ days. He had an XP-15 as his sidearm.

Andrew took his SC-600 he bought from an member. He had an XP-20 as his sidearm, and had a backpack with a 1 gallon jug of water.

Medhavin decided on Andrew’s CPS-4100, with the XP-215 as his backup. He traveled extremely light, with just the soakers.

I got my trusty CPS-2100, with my Storm 500 sidearm. I had a waistpouch with about 30 empty water ballons, and 3 full ones. I had my backpack full with about six 500ml water bottles and two 1 liter bottles, averaging about 19-22 lbs.

With that, the war started. We counted to 30 seconds as we split up. Uv and I took the front part of the house, while Medhavin and Andrew took the back.

As soon as time was up, I immediately decided on a base; the back of Aunty Nadia’s pickup truck. Knowing my brother, he would be waiting around the back of the house, waiting to attack Uv and I while we were planning.

I helped UV scramble into the truck. We instantly set up base and waited for the assault. It didn’t happen. Five minutes passed. It still didn’t happen.

I cautiously peeked out from the top of the pickup to check the coast. It was surprisingly clear. “What happened to them?”

“I don’t know, they didn’t pass by here.” UV replied.

I grabbed my backpack on and we abandoned the truck for now. UV was a big-time rookie, but at least he got simple combat tactics. I motioned for him to get to one end of the house, and that I’ll do the same on the other. We charged.

And to our utter surprise, found completely nothing. UV shrugged in disbelief as I quickly glanced around in the nearby woods. I thought I heard something on the edge of where the woods ended, and swung my CPS-2100 in the general direction. But I didn’t see anything. With that, I motioned for UV to stand guard while I check out the shed.

The shed was old, abandoned, and falling apart. But hiding behind it was effective. I decided sneaking would get me wetter than charging, so that’s what I did; I made a big beeline towards the back of the shed.

This had me absolutely stumped. They weren’t anywhere normal back here, and they didn’t cross the front. I turned to UV and motioned for him to come to me. I let my guard down a little, knowing that they weren’t anywhere nearby.

“Where are they?”

“I have no idea.” No sooner had I said that when I remembered something. I had mowed paths in the fields behind the shed for waterfights. I wasn’t expecting them to go in there because it was wet, and it was getting dark, so snakes might emerge. I was almost sure they wouldn’t be in there.

The field was about an acre, with tall golden grass about waist-height. But between of that, small bushy trees, thorns, and other large greenery reached head height or above. It was literally a dark jungle, a dark Tennessean jungle.

UV and I headed south to the end of the field, trying to get an overview of anything. It was hard to see anything, so we were left with our only viable option; enter the maze and see where they were.

The entrance was behind the shed, so we slowly started to make our way back when we saw a figure standing next to the edge of the woods. It was my sister, armed with a Max-D 5000.

“I decided to join you guys.” She said. “They went in there.”

“We know!” UV sighed.

“I’ll go around the back entrance, and see if I find anything.”

“Back entrance?”

“Yeah, remember where we went to get the Christmas tree? Back there?”

 Somewhere, they were hiding in there. If we went in, they might find it and escape. I knew that’s what Andrew would do.

“Guard the back entrance.” I told her. “When UV and I enter, take it in, so they don’t have a way out.”

With that, she ran to the back while UV and I entered the main entrance.

The ground was damp, with little grass, but lots of leaves and sticks. Thorns and large shrubs lined either side of the passage. I took lead, while Uvraj covered my back. We carefully moved forward when I heard what sounded like a voice. I halted.

“Don’t worry, they can’t find us in here.” It said.

“I totally disagree with you. We can end up in a dead end.” The other one said.

I stood up, and saw two heads bobbing along one of the inner paths. They were about thirty feet away, so I figured I’d let them know they got company. Taking one of my water balloons, I gave it a toss as far as I could.

It didn’t hit exactly on target, but exploded on a bunch of thorns four feet away from them. I heard a yell and ducked as a stream of 2.5x passed over my general area. Motioning for UV to follow me, some more water fell onto the area we were just in.

We came to the large clearing, when they spotted us. Medhavin yelled “Get them!” and started to shoot off shots with his 4100. They fell short about ten feet, when I lobbed another balloon at them. It fell short, too, but landed close enough that they got wet slightly. Andrew grabbed Medhavin and pulled him into a deeper part of the maze.

Sara came running up. “What happened? Did you find them?”

I nodded. “They’re in there. Let’s flush ‘em out.”

“I’ll post guard.”

I agreed, and let UV take the lead, him having the heavier weaponry. We carefully checked each indentation where someone could hide, and moved forward when I heard a rustle, and a harsh whisper of “It’s a dead end!”

UV picked his pace to walk, and before I knew it, staggered backwards from an 8.5x of water from a large nozzle poked out from a nook in the bushes. He looked like he was about to cry, but stood firm and saturated the general area with the 20x blast. I then caught sight of a dark blue shoulder, and let loose with my CPS-2100.

There were yells, as Andrew and Medhavin came out. Andrew started firing at me, but stopped short when Medhavin started yelling “I surrender! I surrender!”

“You do what?” Andrew asked. “I’m the team leader!”

“But I surrender!” He yelled.

With that, and it getting dark and not wanting to run across snakes, the battle was over.

When they left, Medhavin came over. “That labyrinth was cool! Make more passageways!!”

As he left, I thought about the name. Months later, when I type this story, I name it exactly that. There is more, I’ll assure you, this is far from over. But a new era has begun…..

Posted: 20060128

All rights reserved.