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Stories Battle of the Sexes

By: Dinger

Note: This is completely fictional.

It was a bright,sunny, hot summer day, and we were on a typical paintball field with bunkers and such.

We decided to have a 'battle of the sexes' water gun war.

For the guys we had me, Rob, Ken, Matt and Jarret, and for the ladies; it was Rachel, Meg, Carrie, Veronica and Jackie.

Each player wore one of those soakertags and a soaker of their choice. Once your soakertag was gone you were out.

So anyway on to the game.

The 'war' started with Ken moving up into a forward bunker for us with cover from me and Jarrett.  The ladies sent Jackie up into a forward position for them as she opened fired on Ken.  Jarett moved up to help Ken, who was in no man's land and got soaked.  Fortunately for us Jackie didn't get his tag yet though.

As this occurred I made a run up the other side of the field firing at Veronica, who was trying to move up.  Although we both got soaked, I managed to get her tag. She was out.  At the same time, Jackie finally got Ken's tag and he was also out.

As I got to a foward bunker I took a soaking from Carrie, but survived and returned fire.  However, as Jarrett came over to help me try to tag Carrie, he was tagged by Meg and was taken out.

After taking out Jarrett, Meg quickly concentrated her fire on me as well.  Luckily I got cover from Matt, who forced Meg back.

As I tried to hold off Carrie, Rob made a run up the opposite side toward Jackie, soaking her as her soaker ran dry.  Rob quickly knocked her out.

At this point both sides has lost 2 players, and the battle was intensifying.  I quickly started to retreat and get back to refill, as did Carrie.

Rob moved further forward and took on Rachel 1 on 1.  She also moved up and they fought at almost point blank range.  Unfortunately for us Rob's soaker ran dry and he was eliminated. That left only me and Matt.

Matt sucessfully held off Meg as they battled fiercely, and both player's soakers ran dry.  I managed to quickly fill my soaker and run back up and soak Meg before she had a chance to refill and managed to knock her out while dodging Carrie's attack.  As me and Carrie soaked one another, Rachel moved over to cover her and soak me.  I held on for a short while, almost eliminating Carrie before Rachel took me out as well.

Matt was able to finish off Carrie as her soaker ran dry, but was unableto avoid elimination as Rachel tagged him.

In the end the ladies won with only Rachel remaining.

It was aclose fight but it was fun.

Posted: 20060807

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