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Stories Report: Our first wars of the summer

By: Evangel

Okay, as you know I bought a Monster XL off eBay. It arrived JUST in time before I left for my friends house. So I loaded up as many water guns as I could fit into my trunk (plus the CPS2000 and Monster XL in the back seat) and headed for my friend's house. Apparently, he (known around the block as Gonzo) and his older brother (codenamed Cronos) were able to dig up one more player for a 2vs2 game. We all changed into some soakable clothes, while I donned my awesome Shinobi tactical uniform, and headed to the park.


For our first round, we basically filled every gun in the car and played until every single gun was out. Cronos (armed with CPS2000 and various other high-power cannons) and I (equipped with my trusty Flash Flood+100oz) were partnered against Gonzo (wielding dual-Tarantulas) and his buddy (with the Monster XL).

This was a pretty straightforward soakfest, so many details are hard to recall, but the most significant parts involved Cronos's tactical command; in his general strategies, I would use my superior "ninja" mobility to lay down quick supressive fire while Cronos charged up his cannons. I could esily get in, lay down a few pot-shots (or even a Chidori rush with the Flood Nozzle if I had an opening and enough momentum), and retreat before any major return-fire was incurred.

After a while, nearly every gun was completely empty, and we were now squeezing every ounce of water we could from the empty, since there were no faucets anywhere in the park. Amazingly enough, my gun was the only one that HADN'T run dry yet. Gonzo and his partner retreated to refill, while Cronos and I gathered up all the unused weapons and used whatever was left to refill our guns. Then when Gonzo and co. returned, we put together one last plan. As before, I went in to draw their fire while Cronos struck from behind. Then something weird happened: all of sudden they were all locked in a point-blank-range standoff, pointing their guns at each others heads. When that broke up, we found ourselves on 1-on-1 duels against members of the enemy team; Cronos took on his younger brother, while I finally got to do something I wanted to do for a year: go head-to-head with the legendary Monster XL!

The wielder said to me, "This will kick your ass in a second." I simply smirked, "We'll see about that..." Without a fraction of a pause, my opponent pulled the trigger, but I easily dodged both barrels and countered with a Chidori rush to the chest. At this point all guns had been expended except mine; safe to say Cronos and I took that one.


Later that day we were able to scrounge up a few more of Gonzo's friends, all of which seemed to be looking forward to taking me on in particular (the ninja ), especially since Gonzo often bragged about my speed. When picking our teams, Gonzo's other friend from before had other business, leaving us with 3 people on one team and 2 on the other. I guess Gonzo received the short end, so he went with me (yay!), since he's believes I'm probably the most skilled. Cronos however got be with someone who, according to him, rivaled myself in general mobility (we'll call him Jake).

This time it was me and Gonzo together with the Flash Flood and Monster XL. We also found a third for our team, but she seemed to just go off attacking randomly, much like Jason Voorhees... kinda scary. On the other team with Cronos with his CPS2000, a juggernaut wielding the HydroBlitz (we'll call him Juggernaut), and Jake, their teams own assassin and "counter-Evangel" if you will, armed with an Overload and Blastmaster XS-660.

This time it was at dusk, so we were able to setup bases at those playground "forts" they had. While we decided on a battle plan, our extra teammate decided to go out and attack on her own. We decided to strike their base first anyway. Following Gonzo's plan of a pincer formation, I went around the back while he struck head-on. Although they had heavy firepower and were well-fortified, I was easily able to outmaneuver the oncoming high-powered streams and sneak up from under a suspended platform for a quick flood strike.

At this point I tried to Chidori up the slide, but I slid off and pretty much busted my lip... blood getting everywhere >>;;. Just slowed me down though, didn't stop me from engaging in a 1-on-1 duel with Jake, who seemed to be enjoying himself fighting a ninja. For the most part, my speed was superior and allowed me to easily outflank him, and at the same time even allowed to dodge oncoming sniper attacks from Cronos sniping me from the tower.

It seems I spent most of the game dueling with Jake. Though, it was probably the big highlight of the game: each of the two team's top assassins going head-to-head! I'm not sure what Gonzo was busy with, but I continued my duel with Jake while keeping an eye on the girl who was pinned down by Juggernaut. I saw my opportunity to blast Jug from behind, and before he had a chance to fire back, I was already well out of his range. As it began getting darker, Cronos's team decided to take the offensive and attack our base while we were retreating to reload our weapons with water bottles we brought with us. I finished refilling, and then we were overrun. Once again the "Voorhees" girl was under attack by Juggernaut, who thus left himself wide open again, this time for a fully-charged Chidori rush-and-run.

During the exit phase of the attack, I was able to pick up an old-super soaker the girl was using, and started dual-wielding, but I quickly came under pursuit by Jake, who chased me down matching my speed easily. Unable to shake him, I had to try a special technique I developed a week before, designed just for this kind of situation. I dropped the old super soaker, and when ready, quickly executed a spinning leaping, which at the 180-degree point, I unloaded my flood nozzle into his upper chest before he could even have time to react.

This fight continued for a while longer until we decided it was getting late and decided to end the game. However, the unknown girl continued to attack us and wouldn't stop shooting, so we had to get that situation taken care of (actually Gonzo and Jake took care of it with the Monster XL and Overload while we gathered up the rest of the guns). After which, I got to shake Jake's hand and congratulate him on a game well played.

Didn't plan on staying out that late, but it was totally worth it. I was able to uncover just how agile I really was, and even put an untested technique to action. Cronos also admits that he picked Jake because he's pretty much the closest rival I had, and if he had the choice, he would rather have wanted me on his team, so that makes me feel pretty good about myself. All in all, very constructive day.  

One more note, incase you haven't realized: I personally supplied almost every gun we used today! lol

Posted: 20070521

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