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Stories 4vs4! Team Evangel vs. Team Gonzo

By: Evangel

Ok, we managed to scrounge up enough players for two 4-man teams, including one female on each team. And this was without question our best war yet!

We went to a large park with a lot of playgrounds and covered with trees. Since Gonzo and I were well established as the two best water fighters in our group, we were elected the leaders of each team. I ran my usual Flash Flood, and my team consisted of a guy who REALLY wanted to be on my team (we'll call him... Whatshisname for now) with the Monster XL, a small lightweight kid (we'll call him Umino I guess), and a female newbie (I guess we'll call her Minako for now) with the Blastmaster 660. Gonzo's team consisted of Juggernaut, another female newbie (Ivy I suppose) with a Monster X... and Jake, my rival from the previous battle, using the CPS2000!

We started by taking over one of several playground structures so we can hide our extra weapons. We had a CPS2500 and a Gremlin in reserve, as well as a 2-liter bottle of water for refilling. They had pretty much everything else, including the Shield Blaster 3000 and all but one of eight Aqua Packs!

The war started off with a bang. I hid behind a tree outside of our base, but I was quickly spotted by Gonzo and his Overload, who moved in to attack me. Trying to locate him visually only made me more visible to the enemy, so I decided to trust my ears. By listening to Gonzo's movement patterns, I was able to tell when he was going to pop out from behind the other side of the tree. The split second I caught him out of the corner of my eye, ready to blast me from behind, I jolted around and delivered a flood blast to his face, while his Overload merely nicked my shoulder. We engaged in a head-on dogfight for a few shots before Gonzo and his team regrouped back at their base.

Next, Gonzo sent in Jake, his top assassin, and we were once again locked in 1-on-1 combat ("We meet again!" I said), while the rest of my team were busy defending the base from the rest of Gonzo's teammates. Jake attacked frantically with short CPS2000 bursts, but my agility allowed me to sidestep-dodge nearly every drop. I attempted to counter-attack with some flood blasts, but Jake dodged them just as easily. Meanwhile, the defense team was getting overwhelmed, so I decided to lure our duel to the base, where I immediately came underfire by Gonzo wielding the Shield Blaster 3000. I was now faced with a 2-on-1 battle against both Gonzo and Jake!

I knew that the SB3000 had limited range, so I simply avoided Gonzo while I focused on Jake. Can't recall what happened next, but I was able to dodge nearly everything they shot at me, eventually routing Jake and leaving Gonzo left, but the Shield Blaster 3000 was tough to get inside since the pump system allowed Gonzo to fire continuously without pause. A direct head-on attack with my flood nozzle would be tricky, but while swiftly avoiding most of his lethal barrage, I immediately noticed a major weakness in the SB3000: it can Blast and Block... but not at the same time. By attacking at midrange with small bursts from the main nozzle, I was able to force Gonzo to put up the shield, halting his assault long enough for me to get in close and deliver a flood blast to his backside.

I retreated back to the base, just in time to see Juggernaut swipe the Monster XL! I pursued him as best as I could, but was lured into a duel against Jake, forcing our team to regroup. We decided we HAD to get our guns back, so we took the fight to the enemy.

Their base was heavily fortified with firepower, thwarting any direct assault we tried. At that time I took it upon myself that if we couldn't beat their defenses, then we had to get around them. It was time to find out just how much ninja stealth was in me. My teammates continued firing on the enemies positioned in the base; I noticed the enemy team seemed to be occupied with defending against my attackers. By calmly assessing the layout of the playground structure and evaluating their assets, I found an unguarded Speed Shark V3 Mako Shark inside Team Gonzo's base. I made my way to a spiral slide and quitely climbed up, remaining mostly undetected all the way to the top, where I saw the Mako Shark right in front of me, sitting behind Gonzo wielding our stolen Monster XL, and Ivy with the Monster X. However, as I rushed in and grabbed the gun and retreated, Gonzo blasted me right in the back with both MXL barrels! Fortunately, my armor seemed to deflect most of the damage, and I still got the gun.

Afterwards, I saw that Juggernaut was very preoccupied with chasing down Umino with the Orca. I snuck up to point-blank range without him even noticing, and fired another flood blast right into the back of his head. Oddly enough, this happened several times, with his assaults on my teammates leaving him completely unaware of my presence, thus making him the mark for several flood blasts. Unfortunately, I had also fell into a similar pattern with Juggernaut, for as I hit him from the back, I was also sniped by Ivy's Monster X, inflicting the most damage that I had taken so far in this war.

As our ammo began to run low, I made several more attempts at pilfering the enemy's supplies, a few of which were fairly successful. First I spotted Gonzo sitting on the edge of a platform with his back turned, and a fresh Aqua Pack sitting right behind him. I climbed up a pole to try and grab it, but Gonzo spotted me just as I had laid my hands on it. However, Minako and Whatshisname managed to force their way into the base and start capturing their assets, but not without heavy damage. At least they were able to collect a half-full 100oz'er for me to continue my attacks. I continued my role of scouting the base, looking for any exploitable blind spots in their defenses, which there were: a few Aqua packs stacked in a corner with little supervision. I looked for any way of getting in, and found a small slit in underneath the platform. I was able to stick my hand through and start pulling the Aqua Packs through, effectively stealing their assets literally right out from underneath them! Unfortunately, they were all nearly empty.

I had enough ammo for one final duel with Gonzo, who called me out at the final stages of the war. I outmaneuvered most of his XL attacks as best as I could, but in the end suffered heavy damage.

At the end of the war we agreed that since Team Evangel was obviously outmanned and outgunned, Team Gonzo was the victor of this war, although I don't see it as a total defeat on our part, for I was able to put my stealth skills to the test, successfully infiltrating their base on numerous occasions. To top it off, I believe I had received the least amount of damage of any of us, taking only the occasional splash of spreadfire, while everyone was completely soaked by the time we started raiding Gonzo's base.

Highlights of this war:
1.) Outwitted Gonzo and his attempt to attack my blind side.
2.) Took on both Gonzo and Jake at once.
3.) Implemented an awesome strategy to defeat Gonzo's Shield Blaster 3000
4.) Stole a loaded weapon right out from behind enemy lines.
5.) Infiltrated their base on numerous other occasions.
6.) Sustained very little damage for most of the whole war.

Overall, a very productive day!

Posted: 20070610

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