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Stories A Great Fight

By: Loumeyer

Okay, so this story is a little old, but it's a good one.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007.

Before you read this, remember that my brothers have new codenames:


We had some more friends over, S and L. Before the party battle(which I'll post some other time), this was our biggest fight of the season. At the time of this battle, the only guns I have are the ShieldBlaster 4000, shotgunned Vaporizer, and Arctic Blast. I do have the Aquapack, however.


1-Me & S with AB, SB 4000, Vaporizer, and Aquapack
2-Striker, Camoman, and L with Gremlin, Sneak Attack, Secret Strike, and other SB 4000

We started by choosing bases. We chose around the side of the house, by the reloading station. they chose out back, in the tree fort/swingset thing. So, they have hight and better range, but we have better tactics. Wayyyy better tactics. The bases are relatively close together, but the corner of our house and a large bush cut off any line-of-sight.

We set down the rules. Game type: Soakfest. No stealing weapons(aquapack included), and no shooting people when they're out of water or reloading.


We first directly attacked their base. However, we kept at a distance where their streams took a while to get to, so we could easily dodge them. We waited until L's Secret Strike was out of pressure, then blitzed Striker's and Camoman's pump-action guns. After getting hit a few times, I found a shield. Our attacks were mostly effective, and eventually made them retreat down to the ditch, site of my last battle.

During the fighting down at the ditch, we barely ever fought all 3 of them at once, because at least one of them at atime would be reloading. When Camoman was reloading, me and S pushed them back to the other side of the ditch, and then outflanked them. Of course, then Camoman came back, so we were trapped between them. We blasted through Camoman, and I sprinted back up to our base, picked up my fully loaded Vaporizer, and charged back down without S's support. The SB(which he was using)takes forever to reload.

When I was sprinting back down, I saw them coming back up. Apparently, they were trying to go back to their base. I was too close and going too fast(I'm a fast runner) to do anything else, so I charged like a madman right into them.

To be fair, I wasn't doing too bad. I called S to help, but even together, we couldn't outgun them, cause my gun was nearly out of water. We retreated to our base, and they went back to theirs.

I reloaded my AB, but took my Vaporizer to attack instead. I went almost all the way around to the back, and tried to distract them(cause my shotgunned Vaporizer doesn't have enough range to get any effective shots up there)long enough for S to sneak up behind them and get a few good shots in, but it didn't work. To be honest, it wasn't a very good plan.

We retreated, and tried to come up with a better plan. I heard a noise behind me, whirled around, and saw Striker running off with our Aquapack.

"No stealing weapons!"

It was too late. He thought he would make a clean escape. Not likely.

I told S to chase him out front, while I went around back. A ran around the side of the house, and saw S grabbing him an sort of a backwards bear hug. I congratulated S, and then gave Striker a riot blast to his face.

We let him go, and ran back to our base before they took something else. We looked back at their base, and saw Camoman in it alone. Since Camoman's the youngest and worst fighter, I knew they were up to something. Then I saw making a huge semicircle around half the yard.(our yard's pretty big) "All this for one measly Aquapack?" I thought. I ran up, and he just stood there. He was unarmed, and he got another riot blast. I then ran across the front porch, and he ran right alongside me, except further out in the yard. I have no idea what he was thinking, and I don't think he did either.

I ran back to guard our base, and didn't see anyone else. My nervousness increased. Suddenly, Striker ran around the corner. I prepared to blast him, when suddenly I was hit from behind. I whipped around, saw L, shot him, looked back, and saw Striker run away with the Aquapack.

I charged after him, ripped the pack away from him, and gave him a strict warning not to steal weapons. This warning took the form of a 3rd riot blast to his neck.

I then waited for S, and we gave a final attack, which strangely, I can't remember anything about. I think someone on their team got shot in the eye, so we called it quits. We never declared the winner, but I think it was a tie.

Battle highlights:

1-shot Striker 3 times with painful riot blast
2-found a good location for a base
3-improved my agility

Questions? Comments? Please leave your opinions. If you would have done anything different, please say so.

OK, reports over...ooh, my hands.

Posted: 20070715

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