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Stories Tundra Fury Awakened

By: Gold Hawk

Diamond had purchased a Arctic Blast and we were ready to see how he could fight with it. The armaments were as follows.

Myself: Tiger Shark with Helix as backup
Silver Hawk: Sneak Attack attached to 100oz. aquapack and Lanard Aqua Blaster as backup
Diamond Hawk: Arctic Blast with 50oz. aqua pack

Type of Game: 3-way free for all

I started on the back porch, Diamond on the front, and Silver on the grass side of my house. I moved to the driveway side and advanced towards the hose. Diamond was there. He asked if I wanted to team up. I said yes. He moved around the grassy side of my house and I went back down the driveway side. "AAAAAAA!" I heard a scream from the other side of the house. It was my brother. Suddenly he ran from the back porch out into the driveway, soaking wet. I opened fire on Silver Hawk with both my Helix and Tiger Shark. I heard Diamond coming up behind me. Diamond shot a stream over my head at Silver and then launched a blast of Tundra Fury. Silver caught the full blast. I made my move. I moved in and switched my nozzle selector to small stream and shot Silver in the neck. My efforts were rewarded with a blast to the face and another to the chest. Diamond was at this point advancing toward us and I started to run towards him. Silver was keeping us under heavy fire. I fired a few shots back and told Diamond to retreat to his house. We refilled our guns at his apartment and headed back out. We took the back way to my house and ended up in my backyard. I told Kent to go up the grassy side and I went up the driveway. Silver was waiting. I double wielded again and dodged his returning fire. I saw Diamond coming up behind him and told him to shoot the fan blast. Silver turned around, saw Diamond preparing to fire, and shot him in the face. I quickly switched to large stream and shot my brother point blank in the back. He surrendered and Diamond and I were the winners.

Gold: Winner
Silver: Soaked
Diamond: Winner

Posted: 20080205

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