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Stories Second Armed Skirmish

By: Team Fear

Fri May 29, 2009

My team divided in two and had a five on five 30 second re spawn game. This was the first battle where I could try out the heavy hitters of my arsenal like the 1000,1500, Expedition, Vindicator and Tiger Shark all at once. It was also are largest war of the season yet. My team consisted of my two younger siblings and two younger players. The war was fought around my yard, with the backyard being a strategic Garrison equipped with two guard towers. We also played on the street but most of the fighting was around the house. There are two killer corners that people camp out around. Our teams were equipped as following:

Team C-Strike

Captain Fear: Primary: Expedition, CPS 1500 Sidearm: Squirt Pistol
Sibling 1: Primary: Sneak Attack
Sibling 2: Primary: Shark Sidearm: Squirt Pistol
Twin 1: Primary: Splatter Shot
Co-leaders brother: Primary: Splash-Fire

Team Puke

Co-Leader: Primary: SS 50, Vindicator
Twin 2: Primary: Tiger Shark
Cps Dude: Primary: CPS 1000, Blazer Sidearm: Squirt Bottles
Siblings Friend: Primary: Shark
Twins Friend: Primary: Sneak Attack

The battle started out and I was hit in a guard tower after I was ambushed. I was distracted because I was giving defensive orders to my inexperienced squad. I did well for the rest of the game out ranging and getting the quicker draw on my opponents with my expedition and later overpowering them with rapid tap shots from the 1500. I suffered a few more deaths from round the corner ambushes and re spawn camping but apart from that I played well. My Co-leader used the Vindicator a few times and gave his team some excellent suppressing fire but used the 50 to much in my opinion. The Super Soaker 50 was less effective this battle because it was out ranged by the guns. The CPS 1000 was also over shadowed by the newer WW's. The CPS 1500 was the overpowering factor of the battle as I could out range any gun in the arsenal. I would say our team won the battle but we still need to train some of our less committed members to stop arguing and attacking teammates.

We started another game but was short lived because of arguments but the highlight was a charge on the right flank or an advancing enemy line resulting in breaking the rush and getting two head shots with the 1500. I sometimes cause trouble within our games because of Heavy Assault Rifle/ CPS Cannon overkill to insure the kill. Overall the battle was decent and it helped me train with larger weapons. I still don't utilize sidearms effectively and I had to put up with some very annoying behavior from some of my teammates. Anyways my arsenal is steady growing and our team is becoming more lethal. The Short second game consisted of a picket line of the 1000,1500 and expedition with some shotgunner escorts charging down the remaining enemy. We need to start experimenting with game types that have different re spawn rules because what we are doing involves people sitting down where they got shot and having a barrel trained on you while you are counting.

Posted: 20090712

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