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Stories Free 4 all Rampage

By: AquaNinja

This is a fight that I had last year at summer time from 5 pm to 7pm

Equipment: My Blastmaster and 4 water balloons

At the start we all started in different places across two big streets seperated by a field and then wreaked havoc! As a very sporty person I was quick and ran down the gulley over to a big tree and hid, I could already hear water flying across the field and whenever i could I rolled out and gave my enemies a high jet shot! My enemies were not very well equipped (just a few cheap water pistols!) So i took advantage of it and eventually I was owning EVERYONE! This continued for the next hour and then 4 people with buckets of water came round the corner and threw water at me! I was only hit on my left side because i dodged most of it and because they had no ammo i unleashed my beast of a gun on them! They ran as fast as they could but i eventually caught up and wasted 'em. The only over good thing about the fight was me owning Andrew (my friend) with a water balloon from quite a fair distance away he was distracted in a duel with some other guy.

Well the free for all eventually ended over 20 people attended which was cool. And used my blastmaster for the first time.

Posted: 20090908

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