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Stories Aqua Fury

By: AquaNinja

This battle was a very long battle from 12 AM to 4 PM but it was enjoyable, it was a team game where if you were wet all over you're out.

My team:
Me Equipped with blastmaster and water pistol.
Isaiah Equipped with arctic blast
Rob Flash flood
Aaron Monster XL
James Vaporizer
Niall Tiger shark, water balloons

Other team:
Kael Monster XL
Brad Hydroblitz
Nico CPS 2000
Morgan Duel pistols
Mario  Vindicator
Cameron Flash flood

We all started at our bases on a beautiful summers day and when we heard the shout we started moving out. Aaron stayed at the base with James (the youngest member and my cousin)and guarded the refill bottles, me and my squad moved through to the forest and sneaked through and hid in bushes and behind trees. I sent Niall to scout the rest of the forest and there was no sign of the other team but later we heard a rustling further in the forest we suspected it was them so we stayed and waited for the person to go by. Rob spotted it was Mario scouting and we ambushed him and soaked him, he was out!

We carried on moving and me and Isaiah went down the right flank and saw them guarding the base and planning tactics STILL! When they set out they engaged fire with my squad and me and Isaiah saw our chance and ran into their tent and got the refill bottles and ran away. We were spotted and got a chase from Morgan and Kael we were sprinting and I got a small jet of water right in my neck but that wouldn't slow us down. Kael was blasting at us with his Monster XL and he got Isaiah on his back. After about 5 minutes of being chased they gave up and went back to base. My team was still engaged in a big fight and surprisingly no one was out yet (apart from Mario), So I sent James and Isaiah out to help in the fighting and I moved out behind them we were being bombarded by Niall with those damn water balloons and I felt worried by this. My team isn't experienced so I thought " Oh my god!" but we handled it well and returned fire and I got a kill! Since Niall was near the front of
 the base he was an easy target and I drenched him he was out!! Then Rob made a silly mistake he ran out of cover and went mental but barely hit anyone he then got shot all over  and he ran away then he got hit on his back and he was out! We then had to think of a quickfire plan so this didn't happen again, we did some suppressing fire so that I could get through and soak 'em all. I rolled out quickly and ran head on squirting them i got 2 people out and then the last two retreated to Brads house and got out the hose. They turned it on and I shouted for help. My squad ran through the forest to help and we made them surrender we won!!!

What I learned: That I can handle a squad effectively, That I can work out tactics very quickly. I was wearing a dark green top with camo pants and Nike total 90 trainers! This was a practise for my side the HydroNinja's and it worked out well. And we had fun! Bye!

Posted: 20090908

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