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Water War / Water Warfare :: Rogue Group Tactics - Scenario 01

The scenario: It's a hot, humid, summer day. You and 3 of your friends had gotten together for a little dueling: two-on-two. You and your ally were armed with CPS1200s while your foes had a CPS1000 and a CPS1700. The rules simply were to stay as dry as possible which is something you had managed to do. However, in your attempt to evade a pursuit from your foes, you had chosen to hide on the opposite side of a van resting on your driveway. Your foes were quite visible through the windows of the van, but had not yet noticed your new position. Your ally had headed over for the refill station and probably would not be able to assist you for a few more minutes. The van and your foes lay between you, your ally, and the filling station, some 30 yards away. Unfortunately for you, you've only got about 1 full shot left in your firing chamber and about half-a-shot left in the reservoir. You need to get to the filling station (designated no-squirt zone), but wish to remain as dry as possible.

What would you do?

(Other information) There are only a few scattered, small bushes in your local vicinity. The van offers the best hiding position, but your foes are approaching. Your friends can run basically as quickly as you can, so a sudden sprint wouldn't let you escape their streams. Both foes have plenty of water as they have just refilled.)

Solution by TonyB :
Since you have provided a less than optimum tactical situation, I would choose evasion with the goal of refilling and rejoining my wing.

Depending on the van...

If it has enough ground clearance, I'm underneath, using the tire as concealment (and cover) until the threat passes - if the van's wheels are slotted, they provide a loophole to fire through if necessary. Not a good place to have to escape from though.

If the van has running boards, I lightly step onto the boards (so I cannot be seen if the enemy looks under the van), trying to avoid rocking the vehicle. Again, I wait for the threat to pass, circling the van as necessary.

If I'm REALLY lucky, the van is a custom job, with a convenient ladder in back - I'm on the roof trying to sink into the sheetmetal.

If noticed, at least I have a height advantage, giving me a range edge. Otherwise, (you guessed it) I wait for them to pass. If forced to fight, I try to take the 1000 out, as I have a slight weapon advantage there. Against the full 1700, the 1200 is badly outclassed.

Solution by Sandman :
Since, as Tony pointed out, we know very little about the van. I'm going to assume that the van merely serves to hide you in the scenario and won't play a major role in your victory. First, since outdoor water warfare is a must for experience-needing warriors, we can assume that your friends have never fought outside before. Why's that? Because anyone who's found around cars knows to check the windows for heads, check under the car for feet or bodies, and check the ends of the car for shadows. With this in mind, there are now two possibilities based on how the enemy approaches. If the enemy continues on its streak of idiocy and sticks together while rounding one side of the van, then your escape is easy. If the enemy is not as dumb as you'd hoped, then here's the thing to do. Make your way to the side that the CPS1000 warrior is coming towards. Since he can't see you nor can he see around the van, he's at your mercy in terms of first shot. So you need to make yours count. The best type of shot in this situation is a belly-to-neck shot, one that starts at the belly and rises swiftly to the neck area. Notice I didn't say: Shoot Him In The FACE. However, a rising shot like that will instictively cause your enemy to cover his eyes, thus missing his reflex shot (assuming you don't stand in one place) and if you fire and then run, you'll be many footsteps ahead of the other CPS1700 guy. Game, set, match: YOU.

Solution by TAKrogoth :
I'm hiding behind the van with one and a half shots left. If the van is parked in a gravel driveway, I'll attempt to scratch up some big rocks and throw them off in another direction and make a break for it when they head that way. (Stupid, but simple.)

No luck and I'm on pavement? I'll have to stick in this position and hope they come both on one side. If not, I'll have to go for whoever is physically the smaller of the two and direct charge using the belly-to-neck shot. I'm saying the smaller of the two because I'm an intimidating sight running full blast at a person. (Insert big oaf comment here.) That just adds to the reflex of the belly-to-neck shot.

And from there, it's just a long, dodging run.

Solution Addition by Poison_Duck (Rogue Member) to Sandman's Solution:
Yes, that is a good alternative, but I know from experience with vans (I went with my dad when he was looking at them) that most vans come with dark tinted windows that you would have to look up close to see. So, when the person did that if they were smart enough, you could come around the back side and ricochet the water to get both. (then you run very fast for the refill point). Another alternative is to run for the refill point because if you can get in there, you are safe. Or if you want to risk it, you could just run in-between them making them shoot each other (you said that they were inexperienced).

Solution by (Rogue Founder):
First, upon seeing them, I'd drop down below the window line of the van. While they still haven't noticed me, if I were to remain upright, they may eventually. To determine whether the two foes were still approaching, I'd both listen carefully and look through the underside of the van for their feet and which way they were headed. The overall goal would be to get back to the fill-station since I versus two typically doesn't go to well for the one (unless the two are really inexperienced).

If they were both headed in the same direction around the van, I'd be prepared for a quick sprint around the other side of the van and back towards my ally and the filling station. If they had chosen to split up and round the van from both sides, I'd pick one side to charge, break into a run, yell as loud as I can, and unleash a multiple spray of the area (i.e. fast-firing with the CPS1200 in a spray pattern). At this point, it would not matter too much to me whether I were facing the CPS1000 or CPS1700 user since this is a surprise attack. By the time the foes are realizing what is going on, hopefully, I'd have an open bee-line back towards my ally and the filling station which I could take at full tilt.

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