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Water War / Water Warfare :: Rogue Group Tactics - Scenario 02

The scenario: It started off as a 4 vs. 4, one-hit-terminates game and things were going well for your side. While one of your allies was eliminated in what you considered an early game cheap shot, it still was an elimination and there was nothing you nor your ally could do (apart from cheat which would violate your code of honour). At any rate, you and your remaining allies had managed to eliminate all but one of your opponents. In the declared "no-firing" zone (the filling station), you and your comrades had just finished refilling and were preparing to find the last foe and turn him into a sponge. However, in a one-hit-eliminated game, the winning team would not be decided until all foes were eliminated and he could theoretically still soak you and the rest of your team. You had chosen to play in a fairly open area with only a small changeroom building (roughly 20'x20') and scattered bushes around to offer hiding spots. The enemy's location, however, was unknown at this time, but you knew his armament to be a CPS1200. You, yourself, was armed with an XP310 while your allies had a CPS1200 and an XP270. You gathered your troops about to come up with a plan of getting the last foe out while attempting to keep as many if not all the remaining guys on your team undampened.

What would you suggest to your teammates regarding the final end-game sequence of events?

Additional Info: Changeroom is a square structure roughly 10' tall that cannot be seen through. Its inside was also declared off-limits for hiding and could only be used for a washroom break (go fig'). The roof of the changeroom is flat, but cannot be easily reached. The bushes that are scattered about are roughly 5' in diameter, 4' tall and cannot be easily seen through. There are roughly 8 bushes scattered in an otherwise open field.

Solution by Duxburian:
8 isolated bushes that are 5' in diameter and only 4' tall?  That's extremely simple for a guy who is used to sweeping dense reed groves which often exceed 8' in height and 200ft in length!

I'd keep the XP 270 user near the refill point, while I and the 1200 user would sweep the bushes, keeping at least 30ft from them. Sweeping the changeroom would be quick.  If the enemy is there, we'd move for a pincer.  If the enemy goes for the 270, I'd move up to support.

If the enemy is in a bush, it wouldn't be hard to spot them.  These bushes are nothing in comparison to what I usually have to deal with. Once spotted, the enemy is going to have to move.  Coordinating a triangular encirclement is very difficult, so the enemy will most likely get out.  Now it is important to block the refill area. With that out, all the enemy can do is dodge, try to get us to waste water, and potentially go for either myself or the 270 user.  In that case, both of us would have to be careful and stay within supporting distance.

The single enemy is screwed, unless he gets some lucky shots and is good at dodging.

Solution by Leviathan:
Play the waiting game.

Spread the team out around the filling station, making as much random noise as possible.  Being the lone warrior, the last thing this guy wants is to be surrounded, and if he thinks that we're trying to do so, he's sure to try and make a break for the filling station to make a final stand with a full tank.  Even if not right away, being the last of a team and waiting don't exactly add up to victory, so movement will give away his position.  After that, it's just a matter of encirclement and varied angles of fire to keep him turning into fire.

Solution by TonyB :
This one is (relatively) simple, from a tactical standpoint:

Form your team in a "V" formation, with the 1200 at the back: The two lead elements should be about 20 feet apart, and about 15 feet ahead of the 1200. In this manner, the 1200 can support either of the two up front.

Using this formation (and maintaining your spacing: Each bush should be approached and simultaneously flanked (on both sides) by the lead elements. Execute your order ofapproach to keep your team out of range of the unsearched bushes and the building as much as possible. Also, care should be taken to avoid friendly fire incidents when flanking.

As the lead elements flank each bush, the opponent will be forced to face one or the other, leaving his back exposed. Your 1200 can support both. If he stands to run, the 1200 can engage over the bush.

If the enemy player is not found at any of the bushes, it is then apparent that he is behind the building. If this scenario evolves, then the formation should be modified to position the 1200 on one side of the building, with the 310 and 270 on the other. These elements should simultaneously rush the enemy player from both sides, the the 310/270 keeping interval and making lots of noise (hopefully drawing the enemy's attention, and exposing his back to the enfilade fire of the 1200). One of the two lighter weaps will probably survive and you have then have target in a killing pocket. If the bad guy manages to blast his way past one side, you still have your remaining element engaging from behind.

Like I said: RELATIVELY simple.

Solution by The_Duck :
I have been in this position before, but with the exception of I was the one who was against the three. Another part of information that should be added is was there any wind. If there was, I would do the following: first position yourself so you're upwind and can see the entire battle field. Then Iwould have the 270 person be in front and the other people facing in a diagonal arond the 270. As you aproach the bush use the 310 on 1x setting and spray each bush with one short burst. If you hit him then it is over. If not and you checked each bush then proceed to the building. When you reach it, you send the 270 around firing around each corner until you get back. If he gets hit, then you proceed to go around by flanking the building. If it isn't windy then I would pick who is the larger of the three and have him go up front with the 270 and when you get to the building, have him switch guns with the smallest person, and it doesn't matter which way you go but the way farthest away from the building would be good.

Solution by Eon :
There are several ways to do this. One is to check 2 bushes and have the 1200 and 270 hide in them. Then, the 310 (as it has longest range) would stand there "unawares" as bait. An impatient enemy would try to get him and be then ambushed by the 1200 and 270.

Another way is to just get in a staggered line, and soak each bush one by one, keeping an eye out for the sneaky would-be getaway.

My personal favorite assumes two things: my allies are taller or the same hight as me and the building is made of brick. If it is, with just a slight boost from an ally, I could get atop the building, even though no one alone could, but I am about 4.5' and thus, on an ally's shoulders, could get up there with ease, especially if it was brick, adding for some foot grips. Then, while on top, you could scope the area, including the sides of the building, maybe even over onto the other side of most of the bushes, giving a perfectly safe way to scan the area, and soak the last foe.

Solution by TAKrogoth :
Ahh, a fun game of Camper-hunting.

First line of business is to find the kid. If a quick triangle-pattern search through the local brush doesn't scare up any sponges, I'm gonna give something more creative a try.

Whoever on my team who can run the fastest should be switched over to the 270, as this guy's gonna be my bait. He may get soaked, however, I'd rather add spice to the game than keep it an all-out campfest.

Now the plan is simple, the 270 guy goes running around, not worrying about being loud or not, and tries to get the camper to take a shot at him. My guy's instructions are to make sure he stays within our sights, and if he dies, scream a lot and put on a death act. (So we know where the guy's hiding.)

In the event that my guy goes down, we'll know where he is. Then all it takes, is a two-man attack approach. If my guy gets the camper to fire at him, or find him, without getting shot, all the better. We'll then attack from 3 different angles, attempting to either force him backwards into the 1200, up against a wall, or underneath some water-fire.

This guy still has a chance at winning the game, and ANY plan can have my team going down 1-2-3, but that's what makes it fun and exciting.

I've also been the 1 vs. 3 and taken out the other three guys through sucessful surprise attacks. Let's just hope this kid doesn't have a lucky day.

Solution by Soakmage:
(Primary)I agree with Eon, except that I'd have the 1200 as bait. That way, 310, with longer range, has a better chance of whooping my opponent.

(Secondary)Before I found that I agreed almost completely with Mosquito's post though, the idea that popped into my head was that I would be scout while my two partners followed behind at a safe distance. That way, two of us at the most would get shot while the other would have just the right amount of time to shoot our opponent.

Solution by Sandman:
First thing to do is bust out the whooping stick on my teammates and get myself the CPS1200 (through verbose persuasion or brute force) since I don't like XP guns. This will most likely anger them, maybe even to the point of having us all turn on each other, kinda like the bad guys do in every stinkin' movie you see today. Technically, this is a solution to the problem since the other guy would win (you never specified WHO had to win...), but in the interest of answering the question properly, let's ignore that solution...

The "camper" has the advantage of secrecy and the all-important "first shot", which means that we've got to get him to take his shot and thus lose his secrecy. I like the idea of the inverted V-formation (CPS1200 in the rear), except that I would space everyone about 5 feet apart so that he can't get more than one of us at once. After that, it's a matter of good technique in that all bushes must be checked and all corners peered around. The key is to never let an ally by himself, that's the way your foe wants it so he can pick you off one by one. Also, your team must have the advantage of patience; your foe knows the odds are against him and the pressure's on him to make things happen to secure a victory.

Solution by (Rogue Founder):
For me, I'd stick to a simple search and soak operation. I'd get our group into an inverted delta-formation (think triangle) with the CPS1200 in the rear and the XP270 and XP310 in the front. Group members would be spaced roughly 7 to 10 feet from each other. The search pattern would be to check the bushes first, followed by a search of the building. Each bush would be flanked on either side. During the flanking operation, the CPS1200 user would fire a light single burst over the top of the bush in order to attempt to flush out the last foe. By flanking both sides of each bush simultaneously, the foe at best would be able to soak one member of the team before being soaked, himself.

The building search would be done in a similar fashion. The building would be approached from a distance towards one of the building's corners. That way, two sides of the building could be confirmed clear. The XP-users would flank either side with the CPS1200 following the XP270. Blind corners should be rounded at a distance of about 15 feet. By having a decent distance away from the building, the foe is more likely to be spotted before he is within range to attack. Once spotted, a shout would be given to alert the rest of the team to the foe's position so that all forces could converge on the last remaining enemy player.

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