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Water War / Water Warfare :: Rogue Group Tactics - Scenario 04

Concept and Storyline by Sandman (Rogue Member); Edited by

4 versus 2

Background: Eleven of your friends get together for a water fight and, oddly enough, everyone brings either a CPS1000 or a CPS1200. The choice of environment for the fight is a densely forested area with many trees and shrubs roughly the size of a football field. You split into two teams of six and implement the following rules: (1) One-hit kills and (2) NO Refills. The fight ensues and you decide to play it safe, staying to the far end of the playing field away from the combat. Suddenly a teammate [carrying a 1200] approaches your position and gives you the battle assessment: 4 killed on your side, 2 killed on theirs. Your teammate also tells you he has about 1 full shot left in his weapon (while you have yet to fire a shot). He says the enemy is about 50 yards away and coming this way.

What would you do to achieve victory against the odds?

Solution by Duxburian:
OMG - I absolutely love this scenario!

I don't know why I'd be hiding like a coward, as even teams are as good as automatic decisive victory. Anyway, I'm writing the enemy reactions as in the context of the times when this scenario was written.  I'm assuming that none of the other players know the Tactical Theory.

Ok, firstly, I'd re-educate my teammate: "You do not have 1 full shot left, you have 8-14 tap shots left!"  I'd then dump some of my water into his gun, so he'd have plenty more.

As the enemy is approaching, I'd teach my teammate very quickly some basic maneuvers of the Outnumbered Defense.  Once the enemy is in an attacking position just out of range, we'd move behind trees to start a Fluid Line.  The Fluid Line is a more flexible and agile form of an Angled Line, for use when the numbers are really stacked against you.  It breaks up numbers advantages and holds the enemy until you are ready to counter attack.  

My teammate and I would move to new trees whenever the enemy threatens to flank either of us.  We'd slowly give ground and rotate so that our backs are not to a boundary.  At some point, I'd call to rush one or two of the enemy either right or left.  Since there are four, we'd most likely target one, the one showing the most weakness.  In a Killing Rush, you have the best chance if you let the enemy shoot first, dodge, and then place your kill.

With some accuracy, we'd get the kill and reposition as the rest of the enemy comes around.  So we're back to the Fluid Line and waiting for the enemy to press in again.  However, water would be on our minds by this point, so the next Killing Rush would have to be soon.  The most difficult part would be getting that next kill.  If successful, a tie or win would be easy via trading kills.  However, if I or my teammate ended up dead before reducing the enemy to two, the survivor would be faced with 1v3 or 1v2 and not enough water to support stalling tactics.

Solution by Leviathan:
So my teammate has enough water to be the perfect bait.  I tell him to wait behind a tree, while I circle around behind the advancing force.  He then makes as much noise as possible to draw attention to him.  He swings out firing, and as long as they fire back, they will never see me behind them.  1,2,3,4.  We win, even though I'm most likely the last one standing.

Solution by Budgie :
First, I try to give him some water from my reservoir, giving him maybe one more shot. Then, I order him so that he goes and sneaks up in front while I sneak around using bushes for cover. I go as stealthfully as possible and when he shoots one, they all go that way. Hopefully, they are lined up well and I can get them all in a shot... Much like what Raptors do (yes I've had to much Jurrassic Park, lately).

Solution by TonyB. :
The Budgster has a couple of good ideas, so I'm gonna steal 'em (it IS war, after all). 1. Equalize the water between your two remaining. 2. Use the foliage for cover. If there is time, I put one high and one low (people don't normally look up unless they are trained to do it). The high man is the first shooter. The low man goes to ground and disappears (camo helpful here) about 25 feet away from the high man. 3. Throw a twig, rock, or small child(??) so that it lands in a spot that between the two of you. When they investigate, the high man snipes with quick, short bursts (at their backs). He should be able to get at least two badguys before they realize where he is (his second shot should be in the air before the first hits). When they turn toward the high man (and they will), your low man takes advantage of the confusion and attacks (also at their backs); he should account for one , and maybe both of the remaining foes. Your high guy still has a range advantage, as the enemy must get well within his expanded range (altitiude=range) to be able to reach him with their blasters. And, of course, if your low guy still lives, they are now caught in a crossfire.

Camouflage and patience is the key here, as they must walk into your killing zone without knowing where either of your guys are. This is not as difficult as it seems; camo and stillness really work in heavy underbrush. They might even use your high man's tree trunk for cover (silly humans) or pee into the bush where your low man waits (would that count as a "kill by biological warfare"?).

Solution by Sandman :
Since TonyB had some lovely ideas (I might be tempted to complain that he stole my answer, but I know better than to throw such an accusation at someone with 2 Power Paks), I'll "borrow" Tony's ideas and add some of my own:

Since it's 4 against 2, you have got to bank on the fact that your teammate and yourself will be able to eliminate 2 foes each. This is a risky solution, but I'm tempted to take this scenario and split it up into simultaneous 2-vs12 fights. Tony has the brilliant idea of one man high, one man low. Basically, you and your teammate (I'll call him Igor from now on) have to get in opposite "planes" so that you can maximize your effectiveness. Igor has got to get far enough away from me so that we're not "one" unit, but he's gotta stay close enough so that I can help him (and he help me) if things get really sticky. The easiest way to take out 2 people by yourself is to have neither one see you, the next easiest way is to have only one see you, and the hardest way is to be spotted by both. Like Tony mentioned, I think camoflage has to be the most important asset in this scenario, because about 80% of "hunters" rely solely on their eyesight (in my experience). Use the bushes to your advantage, let the enemy pass you, and then take a high-percentage shot. So if you can avoid being undetected and still take out 2 (or if Igor does the same), then it's 2 on 2. Of course, Igor's probably not going to take out 2 guys, since the weenie wasted most of his water. So I might use Igor as "bait" to attract the enemy. If I did so, I would have to rely on myself to eliminate 3 people and hope that Igor could shoot 1.

But still, you can't refute the fact that the simplest method is to have 1 of you take out 2 of them, and then the other 1 of you take out the 2 that chase after the other other 1 of you. Clear as mud. Also, Igor is not getting any of my water. He's the dork that wasted all of his.

Solution by Unknown Mosquito :
Basically, it's cut-and-dry. We'd stick together and conceal ourselves, not making a sound. If, after several minutes, the enemy didn't show their ugly faces, we'd move, watching each others backs and moving through the shadows as noiselessly as possible, fully pumped and ready to shoot to kill in a moment's notice. Also, there's a loophole here and I'll assume that no refilling means with the hose. If it did, I'd give my ally some water from my reservoir to keep him going. If not, as soon as his supply left him, I'd leave him to fend for himself as it's harder to conceal two than one.

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